Indian Healing Clay for clear skin

Indian Healing Clay a natural earth material, which removes impurities from the skin easily. It is widely used in India for its different properties. It has great skin and hair benefits and here is a face mask recipe using this wonderful ingredient for clean and clear skin-

Indian Healing Clay for clear skin


  • Absorbs excess oil from the skin.
  • It cleanses the skin well and keeps acne and pimples at bay.
  • It purifies the skin by eliminating the toxins from the skin.
  • Great for congested and acne-prone skin.
  • exfoliates and brighten skin
  • Clears acne and skin
  • smooth bumps and uneven skin


Things you need-

  • 3 tablespoons indian healing clay
  • 1 teaspoon organic turmeric powder
  • Enough raw organic apple cider vinegar


Indian Healing Clay for clear skin

In a bowl, add indian healing clay and turmeric powder.

Add in enough apple cider vinegar to make a paste.

Apple evenly on cleansed skin and wash ff after 10 minutes.

There can be a bit of redness but it should subside in few minutes. Moisturize thoroughly. READ MORE – AYURVEDIC HAIR GROWTH TEA

Indian Healing Clay for clear skin

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