Mud bath – the name might sound disgusting to some of us. After all, dipping and rolling in a messy, stinky mud groove doesn’t seem to be relaxing or anywhere close to a spa treatment. But do you know that mud bath and therapy are actually becoming popular in spas as a luxurious treatment?

 MUD BATH BENEFITS FOR SKINThe mud used here is not the normal mud that we find on streets, but rather high quality spa mud containing variety of clays and thermal mineral water. Read on to know the various benefits of mud bath for skin.


* Mud bath relaxes and relieves muscle pain and joint aches. Studies have shown that mud therapy can also improve and heal back pain.

* Mud bath contains various minerals like magnesium, zinc and sodium which soothes and exfoliates giving smooth skin.

* Since ancient times, people have been taking mud therapy as it has anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredients in mud bath reduce skin inflammation and swelling.

* It detoxifies the entire body by flushing out toxins and other impurtities. Most toxins are positively charged while spa mud has a negative charge. Therefore, mud tends to attract and absorb the toxins from our body.

* The warm mud mixture also helps to improve blood circulation and energize skin tissues.

* It regulates metabolism and improves digestion.

* The minerals in mud bath can also relieve skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. However, the muds needs to be well refined and not grainy, else it might aggravate these symptoms.

* It nourishes the skin and conditions hair.

* A mud spa treatment totally relaxes, de-stresses and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Different types of mud therapy across the world:

Below is a list of popular mud treatments around the world. Make sure to try them when you travel to these places.

  • Dead Sea Mud Therapy (Jordan)
  • Moor Mud Wrap (Austria)
  • Volcanic Mud Bath (Calistoga, California)
  • Great Salt Lake Mud Body Wrap (Utah)
  • Hungarian Wellness Mud Treatment (Hungary)
  • Ischia Mud and Thermal Spa (Italy)
  • Bad Wilsnack Mud Bath (Germany)
  • Ayurvedic Mud Therapy (India)