Many of us start our morning by brushing our teeth, taking a shower and making a cup of coffee. Those are all good and fine routines, but adding a few more steps can help inspire weight loss and sustainable healthy habits. It is a mistake to think that losing or gaining weight comes down to just calories. Since the morning sets the tone for the entire day, a healthy morning routine will increase your odds of weight loss success. Here are some morning rituals for successful weight loss


Touching your toes, stretching your arms, or anything else that improves flexibility can help you have an improved range of motion and can relieve muscle tension. Additionally, stretching can get your blood flowing, giving you more energy. When the body is energized, you are less likely to crave fattening foods like sugar and refined carbohydrates which can provide the body with a quick burst of energy and hence you will be much more likely to exercise later in the day.


When you wake up and don’t know what to do first, taking up the habit of having a cup of warm lemon water will serve you well. It cleanses the digestive system and gets your metabolism on point. The water should be warm so that it’s not a shock to your system.


Stay away from muffins, breads and other sugary foods because they spike insulin and trigger cravings. The best breakfast combo is a protein like quinoa, nuts or tofu scramble with high-fibre foods like fruits or veggies. Eating high fibre foods will give you energy and you’ll be less hungry at lunch.


First thing when you get up make sure to get your water in. Start with a ½ litre right away and then refill your bottle or glass. Sip the refill throughout the rest of your morning. This way you are guaranteed to start your day with 1 L of water. Do this again in the afternoon and you are reaching adequate daily hydration levels. When you stay hydrated, your digestive system is more effective, your food is processed more effectively which will support a healthy weight.


Eggs are a great way to get your metabolism in gear, as you will be getting the nutrition and the boost to your metabolism they provide. The protein in eggs is what is most important for your metabolism, and will make sure that you not only feel satisfied for much of the morning, but that you’re burning calories as you go about your day.


Green tea has antioxidants in it that improve your overall health, but for the purpose of an increased metabolism you’ll be most interested in the EGCG and catechins it contains.

You’ll have to continue to drink green tea throughout the day if you want to get the most benefits from it. One cup might not be enough to produce the effect of a faster metabolism, and research suggests that multiple cups per day are required.


Beginning your day with 20 minutes of focused breathing and contemplation has a number of proven health benefits, including reduced levels of fat-promoting stress hormone in the body.

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