Make Soap From Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee, when we say word coffee we just think about having cup of coffee with our loved ones but if I say coffee is also a a wonderful ingredient for the skin treatment than? yes you heard it exactly correct used coffee grounds is one of the wonderful ingredient for skin, it is filled with powerful anti-oxidant agents, protecting the skin against free radicals and reducing the risk of skin cancer too.

Make Soap From Used Coffee GroundsCoffee tightens the pores and removes the dead skin cells, making the skin look younger, due to its vast benefits coffee is used as  a common ingredient in the beauty products and also in spa therapies. The homemade soaps from used coffee grounds are very effective for skin as it removes off the dead cells from the skin and protects the skin from rashes.

Direction for the preparation mentioned below:

  • 8 ounces glycerin soap or unscented soap base
  • 1/4 cup used coffee grounds
  • 1 table-spoon Vanilla (optional)
  • Few drops of essential oil or Fragrance oil (optional)
  • Baking tin or mould

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Gather all the ingredients together. We can opt for any kind of soaps, I prefer glycerin soaps as it works great and gives really good result.

Add the soap to the bowl and create double boiler (On gas place small saucepan with water and above that a metal or glass bowl) over medium heat. It will take some time to melt as the soap is getting melted from the stream of boiling water.

Let the soap gets melted, on the other end you can lightly grease the muffin tin and place a small spoonful of used coffee grounds in it. Turn off the heat once the soap is melted and add one teaspoon of vanilla to it and stir well.

Pour this soap solution to the muffin tin, be careful as the solution is hot. Allow the soap to cool and turn hard. Once it turns completely  hard with the help of butter knife pop them out.

Now your coffee ground soap is ready to use. you can wrap the soap with parchment paper and gift your self and your loved ones and express how much you care for them.

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