Turmeric is a multi-tasking home ingredient which can be used in number of ways from adding colour and flavour to food to stop bleeding from your body cuts. Turmeric is also used in many wedding function, skincare treatments, home remedies and considered to be the blessing from mother Earth. Uses of turmeric is not new to anyone of us, it is also used to make natural dyes. Why to use those expensive and chemical based dye when you can make this out of turmeric itself. Let’s know how to make natural dye at home with the help of this nontoxic and fun ingredient.


Step 1: Start folding your fabric in equal parts and half way from right and left that it looks like a rectangular or square small bag. Continue folding the edges till you get that perfect square out of fabric and run out of fabric.

Step 2: Use rubber bands and tie the cloth horizontally and vertically on the fabric. You can use as many as rubber bands you want, make sure the fabric is hold well with the rubber bands.

Step3: Now take a deep pan or a pot with 4 cups of vinegar and 16 cups of water to it. If the fabric is not dipped completely in the water, add some more water to it. Allow it to rest on medium heat.

Step4: Now take another pot or open pan and add1/4 cup of turmeric to 16 cup of water. Allow it to heat on medium. Once the pot starts the boil, turn down the gas and heat it on simmer heat.

Step5: Now remove the fabric aside from the first pot and drain the vinegar mixture completely. Add the turmeric mixture that is kept prepared in the second pot and make sure the fabric is dipped completely.

Step6: Allow the cloth to rest in the turmeric water according to the colour you want. The more it is soaked the more the darker dye it will be.

Step 7: Once you have finished dying the cloths, drain the turmeric water and place the fabric under running water. This is help to remove the excess amount of dye on the cloth.

Step 8: Allow the cloth to dry completely overnight and the cloth is ready to be used. Make your own natural dye out if turmeric at home and it is very simple to do.

I hope you have followed the above easy steps to make your own natural dye at home. Make sure you wash the cloth completely after you have dipped it in the turmeric water there are chances the dye may contain porcelain or ceramic surfaces which should be properly washed.

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