Moisturisers are a must for any skin type to retain skin’s hydration and to maintain a youthful skin without any fine lines or wrinkles. Oily skin/combination skin girls always have a hard time picking moisturisers. Especially for combination skin, I think the task is complicated, because our skin becomes too oily in the summers and in winters it becomes super dry and we need to keep switching products. I bought this Lotus Herbals Nutramoist Skin Renewal Daily Moisturising Creme about 6 months back when it was really cold here in Bangalore and my skin was parched and desperately needed moisturisation. Read on to know my experience on it.


Packaging: When I first opened my parcel from online order, I was delighted on seeing the packaging. It is a beautiful translucent glass jar with a golden screw cap. The red labels printed on top give it a more classy look. It is a little heavy to be carried around, but I still pack it everytime in my travels. Who would want to miss such a luxury treat on a travel after all?

Texture: It is a baby prink cream with a light, fluffy texture like whipped cream. If you had used the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow range, you will find this is a bit more thicker than that. It has a fruity fragrance of berries which I love every time I apply it.

My experience:I had been using the Lotus Herbals Whiteglow range for a long time. But during the winters, I felt it wasn’t able to provide sufficient moisturization for my combination skin. So I got this one instead. And it has been really effective at hydrating my parched skin without making it too oily. A small amount is enough for the entire face. The jar will easily last for around 3-4 months. It is so smooth and spreads easily. It also gets absorbed quickly and keeps my face moisturized and hydrated for an entire day. After using this for a month, I could see that my skin had become really smooth and soft to touch. Also, I could see a subtle glow on my face. Since it contains SPF-25, I also skip sunscreen unless I am staying out very long. My sensitive skin hasn’t experienced any breakouts with the cream. But, when summers started again, I had to stop using it as it made my face more oily. As the climate has become cold here again, I am going back to it. I am in love with Lotus Herbals products as it seems to perfectly suit combination skin people like me. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow range for summers and Nutramoist range for winters.


  • Light, very soft, fluffy texture.
  • Provides moisturization for an entire day.
  • Doesn’t make face oily (except during hot summers).
  • Softens skin and improves texture.
  • Amazing fruity berry fragrance.
  • Very attractive, luxurious packaging.
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts.
  • Contains SPF-25. So doubles up as sunscreen.


  • Not suitable during hot summers.

Realbeautyspot Rating: 4.8/5

Price and quantity: Rs.395 for 50g.

Verdict: This is the best moisturizing cream for combination skin in winters. From the packaging to the fragrance and light texture, you would feel like pampering yourself to a luxury treat at an affordable price. Try it now and let me know your comments.