Other than the kitchen, bathroom cleaning takes the most amount of time and work to clean since it has so many different types of surfaces and because, by its nature, it is a place that needs to be cleaned often because it’s frequency of use. Why to invest in chemical cleaners when you can keep your shower clean, the natural way?? Here are the top ways to keep your shower naturally clean:


Lime scale on your showerhead not only looks ugly, but it can impede the flow of water, leaving you with an unsatisfying trickle. Saturate a T-shirt rag with vinegar and wrap it tightly around the showerhead, covering the spray holes completely. Leave on overnight to dissolve the mineral buildup.

A good wipe-down with heated undiluted vinegar and a T-shirt rag (which doesn’t scratch acrylic or glass doors) can give your shower doors a whole new lease on life. For routine maintenance, keep a spray bottle of vinegar mixed 1:1 with water in the bathroom and use it to spritz the shower doors occasionally. If you have the time and the inclination first thing in the morning, you can also use one of your rags to wipe off the water drops after your shower. Drape the cloth over a squeegee, if you like, to make your job easier.

By adding one cup of fabric softener to one litre of warm water is an effective way to get rid of that residue and soap scum on your glass shower screen. Simply wipe the mixture on the door and then rinse it off with warm water from your shower.  If you happen to have a dryer and have dryer sheets handy, then wipe the dryer sheets along the shower door. This can also remove the soap scum.


Scale can affect shower faucets as well, making them dull and dirty looking, especially if your locale has particularly hard water. Restore the gleam of chrome and nickel faucets with a vinegar scrub. If they are very encrusted, use the overnight vinegar wrap described above.


Wash your curtain in the machine with 1 cup of white vinegar, one scoop of oxygen bleach and eco-friendly laundry detergent. Use hot water and throw in a couple of dirty towels to provide extra scrubbing action. Hang the wet curtain on the shower-curtain rings after washing, spread it out as much as you can and allow it to air dry.


Spray full-strength vinegar onto mould which affects grout and ceramic tiles. Leave for one hour, followed by a good hard scrub with a brush to thoroughly clean the tile. (Wear a breathing mask and rubber gloves for the task). Your tile grout may need resealing after this kind of treatment.


  • Try cutting the bottom edge of your shower curtain liner with pinking shears. The uneven edges facilitate water dripping, and reduces the chances of icky mold.
  • To keep shower doors clean, buy an inexpensive squeegee and use it every time you shower. The few seconds it takes you to do will dramatically reduce the amount of soap scum build up on the glass.
  • Bicarb is another magic cleaning solution that will not only clean the shower but also deodorize your bathroom. Get your shower screen wet before wiping the shower screen with baking soda on a cloth. You can expect a paste to form on the door when you mix the baking soda with the water. Rinse off with warm water after.
  • This is the most effective option if your glass shower door frames are made out of metal. Over time you may notice that rust forms which can make your shower look dirty and old as well. Combine one tablespoon of lemon juice to two tablespoons of salt and form a paste. Using a toothbrush, scrub the mixture into the corners where the rust is forming. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

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