Essential oils have so many benefits and I really enjoy using them. I love the zesty orange fragrance and hence got this Pure Orange essential oil from Kama Ayurveda which I will review today.

My Experience:  Kama Ayurveda Orange Pure Essential Oil comes in a small tinted glass bottle with a golden screw cap inside a box. The packaging like most of their products is luxurious and sturdy. The bottle has two small holes in the nozzle to dispense the oil along with a small stopper attached inside the cap, this prevents any spillage.

The oil is completely clear and has light runny consistency, it does not feel too greasy and gets absorbed quickly when used on skin. It smells absolutely amazing just like oranges. The oil has a fruity slightly sweet aroma to it and I feel like sniffing it again and again, it simply uplifts the mood. Orange essential has a lot of rejuvenating and relaxing properties, and this oil feels very calming. Since it is in the pure form it should not be used directly on the skin and has to be diluted in other carrier oils or products before using. I have used this oil for skincare, haircare and aromatherapy as well and it works really well. The amount of oil provided is good enough and will easily last a few months since only few drops are needed each time.

Orange oil is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, it helps in increasing blood flow to the skin and also helps in improving complexion I have been using this oil daily either by adding it to a face oil or a cream and I can notice a bit of glow on my skin from using it regularly. It has worked well for dandruff and dry itchy scalp as well when used along with carrier oils like coconut oil. I add 4-5 drops of orange oil to my hair oil and massage my scalp and hair with it before washing off, it has almost completely reduced the itchiness on my scalp.


  • Pure cold processed essential oil
  • Has amazing fruity aroma
  • Very light consistency
  • Can be used in many ways
  • Little goes a long way
  • Has relaxing properties
  • Sturdy packaging


  • None

Price– INR 350 for 12ml.

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