No, popcorns aren’t new to anyone of us! But we surely remain unaware about the fact that popcorns were invented some 9000 years ago in Mexico from sold wild grass. Popcorns are also known as popping corn which are available in small little kernels which puff up when heated. The next time you stuff your mouth the handful of popcorn you don’t need to worry at all. The recent study shows that popcorn is much healthier than any junk foods or snacks available in the market. However, it depends upon the type of popcorn you love and you would prefer to eat. The most variety of popcorn is the air popped popcorn, while salted, butter, strawberry, caramel, olive oiled are some more variety of popcorn available in the market.


While some people think preparing popcorn in olive oil is a good and healthy option, but it is not. Agreed olive oil is the healthiest oil among all, but when the popcorn is heated along with the olive oil can cause it to oxidize which is not harmful for the body. So, if you have made your mind to enjoy the popcorn in olive oil you can add some oil after the popcorn are been popped. The movie popcorn consists of butter, salt and caramel which are not as healthier as the air popped popcorn can be.

Before you grab the next wholesome amount of popcorn in your mouth, you need to know about the dietary fibers and its health benefits. 1 cup of air popcorn contains 30 calories while one cup of olive oil popcorn contains 300 calories. Movie popcorn cooked in coconut oil consists of 20-60 grams of saturated fats which is surely not a healthier option. According to the recent survey, providing one serving of popcorn will serve 70% intake of whole grains. Popcorns have the antioxidants of that of a fruit or vegetables which show you can happily give up on fruits and vegetables and relish on with air popped kernels. Besides providing calories it is also rich in sodium, magnesium, dietary fiber and some amount of sugar.

Popcorns can be a complete snack as it is made of 100% whole grains but it also depends upon the type of popcorn you pick in your cart. If you are buying it from the grocery shops, stay away from the non organic popcorns and try to grab the organic popcorns. Organic popcorns are much better and healthier than the non organic ones.

if you love enjoying popcorn with cheese, caramel, olive oil or salt do not heat the popcorn along with it. If you are practicing this from long-term, I would say you are probably destroying the healthiest snack. To taste it better like you always want to, sprinkle cheese, butter, salt or mix well with caramel sauce once the popcorn has been popped completely.

So, yeah we have all the rights to grab popcorns in movie which are obviously health for our body. Till than have a happy munching!

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