7 DIY Infused Coconut Oil products for healthy hair


Beautiful luscious hair is not an easy task to attain, a lot of effort goes into having and maintaining long hair. There are numerous oils that are known to be good for hair growth however, if asked which one is best then I would undoubtedly say- coconut oil. Coconut oil is more nourishing than any other oil. Coconut oil helps in growing hair faster. If you want to increase its benefits, then there is a way. There are many ingredients in our reach that can enhance the qualities of coconut oil. Adding which will not only endow you with long hair but also make your hair better in terms of texture, shine and health.

DIY Infused Coconut Oil products for healthy hair

1. Curry leaves in coconut oil – premature greying: Take coconut oil as per your requirement, be it for a single use or more. Then pour the oil in a pan and boil it. Once it is hot add some curry leaves and simmer it for a minute. Then off the flame and let it cool down. Apply this oil daily on your scalp, massage and wash it off after half an hour.

2. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning – Split ends cure: Coconut oil can be used as regular oil for everyday application. All you need to do is mix warm coconut oil along with castor oil. Apply this oil mixture into the roots of the hair and massage it well so that all the goodness of the oil is gets into the roots and helps in the growth of your hair.

3. Coconut oil and lime Dandruff Remedy: Dandruff is one thing that hinders the hair growth so getting rid of dandruff is very crucial and if it is done at the initial stages of dandruff growth then it is better. Coconut oil when mixed with lime juice and applied on the scalp has proved to be a great remedy for clearing dandruff.

4. Amla and coconut oil – Hair Fall: Amla or Indian gooseberry is known to be very beneficial to prevent hair fall and to delay of greying of hair. Take 50 grams of dried amla (gooseberry) and add it to 500 ml of coconut oil and boil it. Leave it to cool and use it like a regular oil to prevent hair fall.

Next option is take 50 grams of dried amla and put it in 500 ml coconut oil. Now put it in a glass bottle or jar, close it with a tight lid and place it in the sun for 15 days. The oil will turn to black color. Strain that oil and use it regularly to impart more black color to your hair and also to stop hair fall.

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5. Herbal Coconut Oil: Take a double boiler and pour in 500 ml of coconut oil. Add dried hibiscus leaves, fresh or dried mint leaves or herbs like lavender or rosemary and let the oil melt on low flame. Do not boil the oil only heat it. Once heated, let the oil sit for a day or two and your infused oil is ready to use.

6. Fenugreek coconut oil – Hair Growth: Take 500ml of coconut oil and half cup of fenugreek seeds to it. Place it in the sun for few days or a week. This oil should be applied regularly to the hair to stop hair fall. It will also make the hair lustrous

7. Coconut – Essential Oil: Rosemary is loaded with antioxidants that promotes growth of long hair, gets rid of dandruff and strengthens the hair too. All you need to do is mix 2 drops of rosemary essential oil to a base oil preferably coconut oil. Apply this to the hair and scalp, massage and leave it for half an hour before washing it off.

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