Indian Gooseberry – Amla Juice Recipe

Health and Beauty Benefits of Amla JuiceHow to prepare amla juice: Wash the amlas and chop into pieces and deseed. Blend it in a mixer finely into a puree. Squeeze the puree to extract the juice or else you can consume without sieving for extra health benefits. You can store this extract in a bottle and refrigerate for upto 5 days. While drinking, add water in the ratio 1:3 to the extract and stir well with a teaspoon of salt. I usually add palm jaggery syrup to the juice to enhance the flavour. Jaggery also is a body coolant and combined with amla, it balances the pitta effect in body. You can also add some icecubes or serve refrigerated. Diabetic patients should however, consume it without jaggery or honey.

Amla is an all-in-one fruit with tridosha balancing effect. It is beneficial for all Vata, Pitta and Kapha body types. Drinking amla juice everyday will improve your health, increase longevity, makes skin glowing and radiant and also gives you healthy, beautiful tresses.