8 Beauty secrets with Ice

An easy way to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines is by using an ice cube. There are also many different simple ways where you can use ice to brighten and tighten the skin for an instant at home spa experience:

8 Beauty secrets with Ice


1.  Instant Facial:

Use ice cubes to treat fine lines and improve blood circulation for an instant face lift. Wrap two ice cubes in a cloth and use it all over your face before going to bed to firm the skin and have a healthy glow. Read more about skin icing here

2. Painless tweezing:

Run an ice cube over the skin before you tweeze to reduce the pain of tweezing.

3. Fresh Makeup:

Rub an ice cube on face wrapped in a flannel cloth before your put on makeup to minimize pores, refreshes skin for a flawless and long-lasting makeup.

4. Healthy Glow:

Use pineapple juice and freeze them in ice cube trays. Gentle rub the icy fruit cube scrub all over the skin for a healthy glow Homemade herbal ice cubes >>

5. Shrink acne/ pimple:

Use an ice cube on pimple to reduce the redness and swelling.

6. Soothe sun burn / sun tan:

A effective remedy to get rid of suntan and stop the sunburn it to apply cold compress on the skin.

7. Icy eyes :

To make your eyes look fresh and awake, use cotton pads dipped in a bowl of ice cubes and use it on your eyes. Cold compress on your eyes helps to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.

8. After Shave:

Use an ice cube over your skin before and after you shave or wax to reduce redness and bumps.

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