Hummus for Health

Hummus for HealthHealth benefits of hummus make it exploded in popularity, mainly in USA, Middle Eastern countries like Greece, Turkey, Syria and Israel from past decades. It is basically an ancient and a popular delicacy that is started off in Middle East and it is an Arabic and Mediterranean dish with main ingredient chickpea which is also known as garbanzo beans.

It is just a smooth plunge or paste that is made of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. The aromatic dip is unavoidable. Utilization of Hummus has been improved with time as it is found to be beneficial in varied medical conditions including bone, muscle, skin, and blood health like inflammatory disorders, cancer, diabetes and hypertension and also considered to be safe and healthy during pregnancy and even secure for infants. It deserves its position for its health benefits.

HUMMUS RECIPE: It is so easy to make on your own: All you require to make your o­­­­­wn hummus is a food processor, garlic to taste (1 to 2 cloves), 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, ¼ cup sesame paste, juice of half a lemon, salt and a can of chickpeas. Then all we have to do is to put all ingredients in the food processor or blender and swirl until smooth. Homemade hummus is all set ready for use.

Healthy Ingredients: Chickpeas, hummus’s main ingredient gives you protein and fibre. Like other members of the legume family, they occupy top lists of the world’s healthiest foods. Eating more plant foods is good for you. Garlic and olive oil are two of the best-known and most studied ingredients. Both chickpeas and sesame seeds are rich in calcium; hummus is good for strong bones which is necessary for the women who are more prone to calcium deficiency.

Nutrient values in hummus help us in weight management: Hummus is so rich in protein, so that it can fight hunger appetite and maintain blood sugar levels. It could help reduce in consuming excessive snacking. Since its iron content is also high, it boosts our energy levels highly.

It lowers cholesterol: In a comparative study in various age groups, people who consume chickpeas every day for a longer period had less fat and a small reduction in cholesterol when compared to those who consumed daily intake fibre through wheat products like bread and cereal.

Chickpeas help reduce cancer risk: Foods that have folate may diminish the risk of colon cancer (colorectal cancer) because of the folate’s role in healthy cell division. Whereas researches show that dietary fibre in hummus helps promote growth of healthy bacteria in the colon, which is protective against cancer. Beans have three compounds Saponins, Protease inhibitors, and Phytic acid which are used to guard cells from the damage that cause to cancer.

Eating hummus is super good for you: According to study in the New England Journal of Medicine, about 30 percent of heart strokes, heart attacks, and deaths can be prevented in high risk people by switching them to Mediterranean diet.

A much better spread to use on bread: Rather than using a typical cream, try hummus. It is best replacing the mayonnaise in chicken salad and baked eggs for a healthy twist. Or we can use it as a replacement for sandwich spreads.

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