Acne is mostly observed among teenagers but is also seen among adults as well. Even though once puberty is passed and hormones get normalized, acne still is really awkward and irritating since they leave with scars while going. There are some people who get it rarely and so treat it without spending much attention and money on it.


HOW TO USE COCONUT OIL FOR ACNEFor such an issue here we are going to discuss about an ingredient that cures acne naturally and so is worth a try. Coconut oil is known to treat stubborn acne well very effectively. You may be surprised that how oil can cure acne but there are many benefits of this oil you are getting.

What Is Reason Behind Acne? Acne is the result of infection in the openings of sebum glands. When glands are clogged by bacteria, it obstructs sebum secretion and due to which inflammation and pain causes and here your acne popped out. However for teenagers this is a different case. During this age hormonal changes occur in the body due to which sebum secretion increases. As a result they get pimples and acne but this actually doesn’t hurt them with redness and inflammation. But teenagers in order to avoid acne try using lotions and soaps that cause more damage than good; this leaves their skin pores open, and dirt and bacteria starts clogging the pores. Due to this reason their acne increases. Recommended Product : Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil >>

What Does Coconut Oil Treat?

  1. It improves the liver functionality to filter out the toxins and deactivates used androgenic hormones to prevent blood toxins and sebum formation.
  2. Helps your cells to flush out toxins and help your liver to deactivate used androgenic hormones. This results in reducing the production of sebum keeping your skin acne-free.
  3. Improves bowel movements and prevents toxic wastes to stay there for long time period and enter your bloodstream.
  4. Sloughs off dead skin cells unclogging pores.
  5. Penetrates deep into the skin layers and makes the dirt and grime slippery to slide out easily.
  6. Reduces sebum secretion.
  7. Kills Candida and bacteria restoring their balance in the gut and on the skin respectively.

How To Treat Acne With Coconut Oil?

For this you need to use coconut oil both internally and externally.

Add this oil to your regular diet or to your drinks. This way you can easily consume coconut oil. Use it as cooking oil other than any other oil like canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc. since coconut oil has high smoking point due to which it stays healthy while cooking unlike most of the other oils including olive oil; all these oils have low smoking point due to which they mutate and turn toxic. This isn’t healthy for you at all. So prefer coconut oil for cooking instead of any other oil.

To use it externally, apply extra virgin coconut oil on the acne and gently massage in circular motion; leave it for a while. Don’t get scared if initially you break out with this oil. This may happen to some people but it should work and cure slowly in next 1 – 2 weeks. Please use only virgin oil since this doesn’t clog pores and benefits better than normal oil. To make your skin absorb it well after applying coconut oil to your acne, take a hot wash cloth and put it over face. It opens up the skin pores and allows the oil to penetrate deep into the pores; this dissolves the dirt, grime and sebum and slide out of the pores easily when you clean it. This is why oil cleansing method works so efficiently.