This is the most awful and a shameful condition when someone standing near to you smells really bad, imagine if you are that person. Having a bad breath and bad oral hygiene doesn’t have any age limit; it can be with any one with us. Obviously, this is not an emergency medical case, but really needs some treatment to cure them. Releasing bad odour from the mouth can be the first and off course the worst impression created. Yellow or white layer on tongue with inflammation are early symptoms to bacterial breathing in your mouth. So let’s experience the change by few minor habits and practises which will cure the bad breath and also give a healthy oral hygiene to you.

HOW TO TREAT BAD BREATHInclude the intake of water regularly
Drink water again and again. This will help to remove the food build up near you teeth and tongue which starts releasing bad odour after particular period of time

Salt water gargle
If you think, the situation is extreme with you, gargle with salt and water twice a day. Infact, you should gargle your mouth after each meal you have. For this, boil some water and add some salt to it. Too hot or too cold water cannot be put into use. Benefits of drinking salt water >>

Squeeze Lemon or Orange
Try to squeeze a slice of lemon or orange in your mouth, this will give you a fresh breath and also minimise the bad odour from the mouth

Brushing Teeth
Brush your teeth clean and regularly in the morning and before retiring to bed. You should brush your teeth’s thoroughly for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Change Brush after regular intervals
Try to change your toothbrush after 2-3 months, tooth brush can a breeding surface of bacteria which may be bad and harmful for your mouth.

Include drinking Green tea
Natural way to treat bad odour from mouth is drinking green Tea. Green tea is a natural herb which helps to kill the bacteria present on the tongue surface and mouth walls.

Include Raw and dress fruits
Including Raw fruits and vegetables, help to give a good oral hygiene. Try to include apple, Carrot and celery which are not only high on fibre but also beneficial against bad mouth breathe.

Use mouth wash
The easiest way to treat bad odour, is using mouth washes. There are many mouth washes available in the market; you can simply use a mouthwash after your meals and put into use for at least twice a day. DIY 5 all natural mouth wash recipes >>

Dental problems
Bad oral hygiene is not only because of the food that builds on your tongue and mouth walls, sometimes there can be various dental problems which may give bad odour. You should visit a dentist immediately if you feel any inflammations on tongue or any change in colour.

Avoid alcohol or smoking
Alcohol and smoking does not benefit you in any ways, besides risking the cancer factor for yourself, they can be a leading factor for bad hygiene too. You should always keep some mint or herb to treat the odour immediately. The smell your mouth gives after smoking or consumption of alcohol is really irritating and worst for others.