How to temporary chalk your hair

CORRECT WAY TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR HAIRS WITH COLOR CHALKS A true fashionista always wants something new and non-permanent in her wardrobe life. Fashion is a never-ending concept with exhaustible factor, where every day there are new introductory concepts and trends in the market. Highlighting hair is upmarket now and most of the girlies love them. Budget always remains constrain before you take this decision. But who says you need to bury a big hole in your pockets if you want to get a highlighting done? Today, we have brought you the simplest and easy way to highlight your hair on temporary basis which would be fixing for a day or a two. So, let’s check how to highlight your hair step by step.

How to choose chalks

  • Choose bright colours
  • The darker the colour the better it is
  • Don’t go for wax chalks
  • Opt for non-dusty chalks which are not much powdery.


  • Bowl
  • Chalks – ( pastel colors )
  • Hair straightener
  • Hair brush (any normal would do)


  1. Break your chalk pieces into two and put in into the Luke warm water so that it gets completely dissolve with it. Keep a check on amount of water to be used, the thicker the paste the better it works on hair.
  2. Before you start applying the chalk paste onto your tresses make sure you wet them a little. This enables chalk colors to fix better and fast.
  3. Get the hairstyle done with the slightly wet hair, because after using the chalk highlights it is not possible to comb your hair. Combing pulls out the maximum color from the tresses
  4. Take a brush and start applying it to your tresses you want to be highlighted. If you want to highlight the whole strand, start doing it from the roots. On the other hand, if you just want to highlight the lower end, it would be easy to be done.
  5. Take another few chalks of same color and dip it in water. Now, rub this wet chalk over your previously highlighted hair. This will help to form a layer of color over your hair. The more you rub chalk the more is the outcome of color.
  6. Before your hair dries, use a hair straightener to give them a fix. Once you have use a straighter, it maintains the color for more than 6 hours and sometime till your hair get in contact with water.
  7. Voila! We have done highlighting under Rs. 50 and we are so happy that it can be washed away with water.

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