HOW TO TAME UNMANAGEABLE HAIR IN MONSOONIf you have frizzy unmanageable hair then Monsoon can worsen the texture because of the humidity and wind. It’s very important to take care of hair properly to avoid frizzy, dry and dull looking hair. We are here to share some tips and tricks to make your hair monsoon-ready. Read on to find more:

Stay Natural:

During Monsoons don’t style your hair because due to the humid weather the style is not going to stay for long. So, it’s better to let them stay the way they are and it will solve half of your hair woes. If you have straight hairs don’t curl them and if you have curls then don’t straighten them. Instead use good quality serum, mousse or gel to add shine and bounce to them.

Regular Oil:

the humid weather and the wind can make your scalp and strands dry. To get rid of the dryness, oiling hair regularly is essential. Keep the oil in your hair for around 2 hours and not more than that because otherwise your scalp can attract dust due to the weather.

Prevent Dandruff:

The rain water can damage your scalp and you can suffer from dandruff or itchy scalp. So, use anti-dandruff shampoo during monsoons to prevent any such situation. Moreover you can also try home remedies like lemon juice and yoghurt application on scalp.

Use Heat Protecting Spray:

If you cannot resist the use of styling products like iron rods or curling wands then make sure you use “Protecting hair spray” before using any heat. This way your hairs will be protected against any heat and frizz will also be prevented. The damage caused by the heat will lessen and your tresses will thank you for this.

Stop Over-use of Shampoo:

Avoid getting drenched in the rain because the rain-water will not only make your scalp itchy but it will also encourage over-shampooing. If you use shampoo more than 3 times a week then it can also strip away natural hair-oils. So, avoid rain-bath or if you want to enjoy to then wear a shower cap to prevent hair-damage.

Deep Hydratying Mask:

Well, monsoons strip away moisture from scalp and strands so it’s important to repair the damage. Start using deep hydrating and moisturizing hair mask once a week for around 30 minutes so that it deeply penetrates into your hair. Using hair mask will not only make your hair silky smooth but will also tame frizz and will make your hair manageable.