Take off False Lashes

It is not just how to apply the false lashes you need to know but also how to take it off in a right away.

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False lashes can be painful to remove so here are few tips you can follow to remove the false lashes easily within minutes:

To remove the false lashes:
* Dip a cotton swab into a makeup remover or the best way is to use olive oil
* Gently swipe the cotton swab along the lash line with your eyes closed.
* Let the olive oil sit for few mins before you gently pull the false lashes starting from the outer lid using a tweezer.

If you don’t want to use oil then you can try using cold cream or warm water to remove the falsies:
* Dip a cotton pad in warm water and use it on your eyelids.
* hold it on for few mins to soften the glue from the false lashes.
* Use a tweezer to gently peel away the false lashes and clean them to reuse again.

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