Storing groceries is the main concern among people since improper storage can lead them to rot or groceries would have a shorter life. It is important to store the groceries properly in order to keep them fresh for longer. When you invest the time and money into a trip to the grocery store, you want to be sure the foods you purchase last as long as possible. Here are the full proof ways to store your groceries:


Leafy vegetables are prone to rotting in high humidity and water droplets in it. Storing them directly in the fridge can form ice on them and when you remove it from the fridge and put them back, it just increases the chances of water contact. This can make the vegetables mushy and rot overtime. Get a plastic zip lock bag made for storing food and toss in your green leafy vegetables before storing it in the fridge. Before doing this, make sure the veggies are not damp or wet. More on how to store leafy vegetables>>


Dried herbs require dry and cool air to remain fresh and fragrant for longer. Simply tie the herbs loosely together with a string and hung them in the open air. Use them as and when required and hang them back. If you have already chopped your herbs (that you use in salads, pastas etc.) and want to store them, you can pour olive oil in clean and dry ice cube trays and add your herbs in it. Freeze it and use it in your salads etc.


Onions do not need any special care to be stored for longer. Just keep them in dry air and at room temperature and they will remain fresh for longer. If you have a net/mesh bag or a good pantyhose, toss in all the onions and keep it in a rack specially made for onions.


Vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, cabbage, capsicum, grapes, beans etc. need to be stored in cool place like the bottom shelf of refrigerator. They too stay longer when kept away from water droplets which can form when you frequently open and close the fridge or frequently take them out and put them back in. Use reusable produce bags when storing veggies and fruits in fridge that keep them fresh and dry. More on how to store whole bananas for longer>>


Whole lemons are best stored in plastic zip lock bag. If you have chopped them, you can cover the open area with food grade plastic film. Another method is to make small slices and freeze them of make ice cubes out of lemon juice. More on how to store lemons>>


If you have used half a tomato or any other vegetable or fruit and if you simply keep it in the refrigerator, the open side will start wrinkling and rotting and will spoil the food overtime. Take a food grade/food storage plastic film and secure the open end with it before tossing it in the fridge. More on how to store chopped vegetables and fruits>>


Berries usually get soggy overtime and lose their freshness or get sour. A simple trick to keep them fresh is to dip them in 30% vinegar solution for few minutes and wash them using tap water. You can put them in plastic zip lock pouch and toss in fridge.


You need to keep potatoes away from onions to prevent speeding up the rotting. Never keep potatoes and onions in the same rack. You can keep them around apples though to prevent sprouting. The right way to store them is in a paper bag or jute bag (and they are eco-friendly too!). Toss them in a paper or jute bag, tie or secure the end and keep them into individual racks specific for potatoes.