Removing makeup is very necessary because if it the makeup is not removed properly it can be a cause of many skin problems and irritations. Eyes are very delicate and sleeping with eye makeup on can cause itchy, red and other eye problems. The removers available in the market are loaded with chemicals so it’s better to use natural ingredients to remove eye makeup. Here are some effective and easily available products to remove eye makeup:

Almond Oil eye makeup remover:

Almond Oil eye makeup removerTo remove stubborn eye makeup without much efforts then try using “Almond oil”. It melts away the makeup effortlessly and you will not require tugging or pulling your delicate eyes. The best thing is almond oil is very beneficial for eyes because it will not only remove eye makeup but will also nourish eye area. After you’re done removing makeup, clean the leftover using cotton pad and then massage your eyes with 1-2 drops of almond oil to treat dark circles.


If you apply non-waterproof kajal and mascara then you can try using “Raw Milk”. Simply take a cotton pad and dip it into raw milk, now use it to remove your kajal, eyeliner and mascara. Milk is very gentle but still very effective in removing non-waterproof eye makeup with care. The best thing is that your eye makeup will be removed effortlessly and milk will leave the eye area hydrated.

Unscented Baby Wipes:

You can remove eye makeup by suing unscented baby wipes. These wipes are specially designed for delicate baby skin so it will not harm or irritated your eye area. The best thing is it’ll remove stubborn mascara easily without stripping away natural oil. In fact it will leave the eye area moisturized and hydrated.

Coconut Oil makeup remover pads:

Coconut Oil makeup remover padsCoconut oil is not only good for hair but it also acts as an excellent eye makeup remover too. If you’re fond of using waterproof eye makeup then instead of usi9ng chemical-loaded products try coconut oil. This oil solubilizes the water-soluble particles which are used in eye makeup products thus removing it with ease.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of purified water
  • 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon organic or natural liquid face soap

Mix everything and store it in a jar. Before using give it a good shake and use with cotton pads to get rid of eye makeup.

Baby Shampoo and Vitamin E tablets:

Baby shampoo (no tear formula) mixed with vitamin E oil can remove your eye makeup easily without irritating them. Simply take some baby shampoo and mix few drops of vitamin E oil into it. Now take a cotton pad, dip it into this solution and remove your makeup. It will take away last traces of makeup easily and will leave your skin hydrated.


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