How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

Yes, you got those expensive face shimmers but what’s the use if you don’t have the right brush for application? Brushes should be credited actually for lifting up the perfect make over on your face. However, if you think Makeup brushes are your life time instalments, you are wrong there. There are not to be treasured life long, but surely you can add some life to them by giving them a proper maintenance. However let’s check how to make your makeup brush last longer

How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

Wash Wash and Wash: The best thing to do with the makeup brush is wash them once a month, depends on how much you put them into uses. You should wash them in detergent powder, dish washing powder or just soak them in warm water. If you think your makeup brush consist too much of heavy makeup, you can also use some coconut oil through which the deepest dirt can be pulled out. How to wash your makeup brushes naturally >>

Storage: Storing your vanity is the most important thing that we cannot surely miss. Just like the perfume demands to be stored them in cool and away from sunlight, your make up brush too need attention. They should be rolled properly and kept in cotton handkerchief or they can be just stored in a cup. Take care the bushes are stored so that the bristles are kept upside so that they breathe.

Proper application: You should use them with light hands; they cannot take any harsh dabbing on faces or makeup kit. Use it as lightly as you can, so that the bristles are in place and do not get spread anyways. Once the bristles of your brush start spreading they leave you with uneven application of makeup on skin, which can prove dangerous.

Drying makeup brushes: Once you have washed your makeup brush properly you always take precautions to dry them properly. A single wet bristle in your makeup brush can start destroying other bristles too. All you need to do is pat them dry with a towel and place them in open place so they dry off completely under natural air.

Using the proper brush: You should always use the proper brush according to the need. No brush serves you with two in one quality except the eyebrow and dual brushes. Natural brushes should be used for loose powders or foundation and brushes with nylon bristles should be used for applying lipsticks or sticky cosmetics. Top makeup brushes you should own >>

I hope you will found these tricks useful in maintaining your makeup brushes. Why to shell out money every alternate month, when you can certainly add some life to your brush and put them to use again.

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