HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EXERCISEFitness myth in minds says the only way of losing weight is dieting, skipping meals or shelling out hell lot of money in those expensive gym memberships. Walking for 20 minutes every day which is a better option than gym exercise, in my opinion. There are more ways which have proved to trim your weight down and get a hotter body in few months. Let’s check out how to lose weight without exercise following these tips:

  1. Set timer

You should set a timer of 20 minutes and aim to complete the meal before the alarm rings. Also initiate yourself to eat slowly and chew the food properly. Your meals should offer small portion of food which will help for a better metabolism.

  1. Stop weighting your self

The more you weight yourself; there are chances of hyper tension and eating more without giving a serious thought before. Limit your weighting habits, this is because if you realise you have not lost a single pound in last few day, you may give you everything suddenly out of frustration

  1. Sleep More

Proper sleep is must for every person and you should aim to sleep 7 hours a day. Research says that improper sleep triggers improper health and sudden urge of hunger. Unusual hungers are bad and contribute in increasing the weight.

  1. Limit cooking shows

I would speak 99% women of women watching those tasty food channels tempt for eating tasty food which automatically makes you grab the easiest food in front of your hand. Limit watching those cooking shows; they trigger the hunger in you.

  1. Keep hydrated yourself

If you feel hungry and it exceeds limit, drink water immediately. Water is the best way to keep your stomach filled and on the same time keeps your body hydrated. You can also opt to juices or buttermilk.

  1. Don’t skip meal

You should never skip meals and keep eating after equal intervals. Skipping meals may lead to grabbing all the food together at once which would increase your weight.

  1. Go for soups

The best thing to fill your stomach and also keep them filled them for long. Enjoy soups which are low in sodium and also beware of creamy soups which are high on cholesterol.

  1. Cut on Sugar

You should cut on sugar as much as possible. No sugar or more sugar both is not good for the health. Keep your sugar balanced on diet so that it adds taste and also maintains your body fitness.

9. Yoga Sessions

A Yoga session is the most relaxing way to calm your mind, soul and body. Yoga has witnessed many satisfied and happy customers with respect to losing weight. Early morning yoga should be your day start.


  1. Go meatless and avoid alcohol

The best way to cut down on your weight is avoiding meat, chicken or fish. Alcohol consumption should also be limited as it does add weight and unwanted fat to the body.

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