We would just like to say any type of acne of your face is just not that easy to be cured and get rid off. Acnes can be mild but there are red harsh acne’s too. The more you keep touching them, the more they pop out in appearance. The main reason behind hitting acne of face is layers of damaged cell and dirt accumulated over your skin. There are many environmental factors which gets settles over your skin surface which ultimately leads to acne. The type of skin can also be a factor of acnes on skin. We brought you different ways which will help you to hide any type of acne’s over face. Check them out here


  1. Use a concealer

Before you start concealing your harsh acne on face, make sure you soothe your skin well with some ice over it. Rub ice all over the face before you start wearing makeup. The trick here is continuing doing this few days before which will reduce the redness and size of the acne. Use a concealer over the acne and you need to re touch it with at most 5 times till it gets completely covered.

  1. Pore refining primers

Pore refiners primers should be used to cover white heads near your cheek and nose area. Pore defining primers helps to conceal them propyl which should be followed by a natural shade foundation. Using the pore refining primers is best to be used over your whiteheads and this keep your problem fixed for few hours.

  1. Use of powder

If you are running out of a concealer, you can also use powder sometime. All you need to do is flake some loose powder over your skin after you have applied concealer. Using the concealer over your acne is must, without the concealer affect no makeup can make you hide the acne.

  1. Concealer pencil

Concealer pencils should be used to treat cystic blemishes. Cystic blemishes are harsh in appearance and are painful too. They are mostly heavy weight pimple which makes the surrounding skin red. All you can do is use the yellow or light colour concealer over the acne which will cover it all.

  1. Super pigmented concealers

You mostly try to scab it all and what’s next? Even if the acne is pricked and pulled down, there are scabs which still remain on the face which looks darker on the face. These spots on the face can actually look worse than the appearance of acne over face. You need to concealer the face very properly so that you do not see an uneven pigmentation over face. To get this easy, use super pigmented concealers which are usually thick in texture and light in shade. This helps to gel with the rest of the foundation and blend with the skin well.

Voila, we are done hiding the acnes of the face. You should always keep washing your face so that the dirt does not find a permanent place over the skin. Keeping your skin clean and healthy keeps any types of acne away. Well, if you still have on your face, have a happy period hiding them.

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