So the rainy days are almost here and you constantly find people around wearing short length cloths! You would be tempted too, which is much obvious! The hidden and unforgettable fact about our legs is they get tanned soon and also have many scars which are very easy to be spotted. However, I would not suggest you to wear those minis and shorts if you feel your legs aren’t right for your dress. There is solution to everything and probably you can make up your legs looks sexier using makeup. Read on the post to find out more.HOW TO GET SEXY LEGS USING MAKEUP

  1. Scrub it the right way

Scrubbing is the most essential act you should follow everything. You may have never taken this seriously may be because you were never benefited by scrubbing or it sometimes may happen you didn’t knew the right way to scrub your legs. For sexier legs, use salt as a scrub and start following it every day before you bath. Simple bath and medicated soaps aren’t enough for your skin; they need to be pampered the right way with right thing. Epsom salt is also a good idea to scrub your legs and body well. Exfoliate for two hours before tanning if possible. Homemade body scrub recipes >>

  1. Foundation as leg makeup

Who says foundations are just mean for face and upper body? They can be used well on your legs to increase the quotient of hotness on them. Follow the steps the same way you apply foundation on your face and make sure they are spread evenly all over your leg. Flake some loose powder in sake of touch up. They would appear sexier than before.

  1. Shimmer

You can mix body shimmer with body lotion so that they look natural, attractive and flawless too. You should apply shimmer once you are done applying foundation all over your legs. Make sure there is no box patches visible which usually tends to destroy the look.

  1. Baby oil

Baby oil is best to give some nature shine to the body. When we are talking about the leg makeup, they should never be matte finished. Instead try giving a touch of natural oil which looks sexier and seductive too. You can apply baby oil with the help of a cotton balls and avoid over doing it. Baby oil also provides good base for the makeup to last longer. Best ways to use baby  oil >>

  1. Use of Body Gel

You can also use body gel as a good base. It is advised to follow-up your leg makeup with body gel so that they provide good base and layer on your legs which makes it easy to hide the flaws easily. Body gel helps to hide the tanned skin and also balance them with the original look.

So move forward to flaunt your sexy legs.