Those tiny hair in your hairline, they are kind of cute alright but not always. They actually have the capacity to drive you nuts especially when you want to get a neat hair do. They just seem to have a mind of their own and taming them is a big deal. Baby hair are the one that exist in your hairline in the front. These baby hair can spoil the look completely. No matter how much effort you put in these tiny hair somehow get out and show up. Whatever it is there are ways to get them under control. Flyaway hair also cause a lot of problems, they make your hair messy completely.

How to Get Rid of Flyaways or frizzy baby hairsWhy the baby hair, flyaway hair? So the reason why these baby hair and flyaway occurs is because of several reasons, some of which are wrong way on brushing hair, excess blow-drying, and combing hair too hard. Baby hair can at certain times be new hair growth. Baby hair can also be just there from the beginning just like your other features.

The baby hair can be tamed first and foremost by handling your hair with care. Avoid too much heat products on the hair.

Ways to tame baby hair or flyaways :-

  1. Toothbrush to the rescue: That time when you have to adorn a neat hairdo and dam! your flyaway hair, spoiling the look for you right? Don’t worry a simple toothbrush can help you deal with this at such times! Spray some hair spray on the tooth-brush and comb the flyaway hair or baby hair with this tooth-brush. Your baby hair is tied down for another few hours.
  2. Make sure you oil the baby hair as well while oiling your hair especially the once at the hairline. If they are new hair growth then it will grow faster by oiling.
  3. You can apply olive oil or almond oil on the baby hair apply after tying the hair and then set it. This will hold the hair in place.
  4. Next tip is to wet your hands and run the fingers through the baby hair and set it with rest of the hair.
  5. Messy hairdo is a great choice if you have too many unruly hair. This will also look great on most of us.
  6. Hair dryer can also help us through the situation. Blow the air downwards and gently comb the hair into the hair.
  7. Tie your hair up by pinning or clipping the top section of the hair. This way the baby hair will be covered easily and this will also add body to your hair.
  8. Using conditioner post shampooing the hair will help in taming the flyaway hair.

** Note ** : Never bleach or shave the baby hair as that will only complicate things further. The baby hair especially may cause us a lot of issues but on the other side it will make us look younger so do not shave or thread it.