If you think makeup brushes are your life time assets, than you are wrong. Makeup brushes too have expiry date and they can treat your skin in a harsh and worst way. Makeup brushes are used by girls so that it helps to get the best out of makeup and enhance their facial look. They need proper maintenance like other products, so here are few tips on how to clean your makeup brushes.


A combination of lemon and lukewarm water also works wonders to remove the makeup effectively from the brush. Lemon being a great cleanser pulls out the dirt easily and keeps them clean and well maintained.


You can add little of vinegar in water and soak your brush into it for an hour. Keep swirling in between and rinse off with distilled water again. If you are using pure vinegar and no water to it, you can use a cotton ball or cotton swabs to apply near the edges and hard to reach areas of brush.

Dish washing soap:

This is a simple home remedy, as we get dish washing powder or liquid in every home. You can add some powder to the water and soak your brushes in it. Keep disturbing them again to remove the inside dirt. Don’t forget to wash again with distilled water and pat dry with towel.

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES NATURALLYCoconut oil: This is used for the brushes which have accumulated heavy makeup in them. For example, a blend of loose powder, lipstick, lip liner, blush and so on. Mix equal amount of coconut oil, dish soap and vinegar. Keep swirling your brush in the mixture. Rinse off  and dry them flat.

Almond Oil:

Almond oil works as well as coconut oil. You don’t need to soak the entire brush in almond oil, but apply little to your brush. The best way to do it , swirl it once or twice in almond oil and wash off again with soap water so that the oil from the bristles releases out completely.

Luke warm water:

This is the easiest way, you can soak your brushes in Luke warm water for more than an hour and you need to swirl it in between. This will help to remove the powder accumulated on the brushes. Obviously, if it is an eyeliner or lipstick brush it won’t be affected just by water.

I hope you found the post useful. All I can say is makeup brushes need maintenance every month so you should wash them every month and never soak them when sun is high. You can pat them dry with towel or allow them to dry naturally in the air.


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