How to Clean Glass and Mirrors

So, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you will see no stains and streak on the mirror. Mirrors are a delicate home material which needs a daily maintenance. Sometimes they get foggy while sometimes they get dusty, and you are just at a distance of dust layer away. It is very annoying to see your mirror’s dirty, dusty and full of streaks. Here are few tricks and tip to be followed which will make your mirror streak free and clean too.

How to Clean Glass and Mirrors

Vinegar: You can add half – half vinegar and water in a spray bottle to keep the mirror streak free. Vinegar has some odour which gets evaporated after sometime, but there is no harm in adding 2-3 drops of lemon to the solution to get your mirror smelling fresh. To make the solution a bit foamy, add 3 drops of dishwashing power in the spray bottle. Now you can spray the solution on the mirrors and wipe it with a towel or newspaper.

Shaving foam: So the next type you start shaving your beard, get some extra foam for your mirror too. Foam helps the mirror to stay clean and fog free upto few days. Put some foam over the mirror and wash it like you do with the utensils. You may also use the shaving cream and latter it on the mirror. Keep it clean with soft towel.

Rubbing alcohol: Yes, it works and the secret to get streak less mirrors. Rubbing some alcohol over the mirror with the help of a cotton pad helps to keep the mirror clean and out of dust. Alcohol over mirror protects the mirror to get any starched over it.

Dish soap or dishwashing powder: Use a light coating dish soap to clean your mirrors so that there are no chances of white residue leaving behind on the skin. Take little of powder or soap on the hand and start lathering it up with the help of the water. Clean the mirrors with this lather and wipe it off with white towel.

Blow dryers: And we bet you didn’t know about this trick to keep the mirrors clean. If sometimes you don’t want to use any of the dishwashing powder or vinegar on your mirror, just run a blow dryer over your mirror. Blow dryer helps to quickly eliminate the water and the fog accumulated over the mirror and makes it look clean. Rub the mirror latter with a soft cloth.

Toners: If you feel you have face toner at home and some of them aren’t suitable for your skin, you may use them to clean the mirrors. Spray some skin toner over mirror and wipe it off with the help of a cloth or newspaper. Sometime, you have expired toners at home too and you can use them to wipe the mirrors.

In this way, we get the mirror look streak free, fog free and clean too. Do you have your own idea to clean mirrors?