We girls love eyeliner because a full-makeup is not possible on daily basis and eyeliner is the best way to lift up the look instantly without actually doing much. For an instant glam, neat and clean eyeliner is a must. Getting straight line, equal width and perfect wings can be a tough job especially if you are a beginner. For perfect eyeliner application you only need 3-4 minutes. Today I am back with to show you how you can apply eyeliner like a pro and will also share some eyeliner hacks in the end.

Choose Eyeliner: Eyeliner comes in many forms like liquid, gel, cream or in pencil form. I have tried almost all textures and I prefer using “gel eyeliner”. Liquid eyeliner may give you the thinnest and smoothest line but liquid eyeliner requires patience and experience so it’s a big no for beginners. It’s better to have “no eyeliner” than to have uneven line. Gel eyeliner or pencil formed eyeliner gives you the best application without much effort. I have used “Maybelline gel Eyeliner” for the tutorial, hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Before starting, use a concealer under your eyes and on your lids to get rid of dark spots, blemishes’ etc. a concealer with brightening effect is perfect for under-eyes.
  2. Blend the concealer perfectly. If you are a newbie, a steady hand is a must. Sit in a comfortable position, keeping your elbow on table and face towards the mirror.
  3. Don’t start from the inner corner of the eyes, start from the middle of eye, right above your lashes. Be as close as you can be from your lashes so that no space is left.
  4. Hold the brush with slight pressure and drag it towards the end.
  5. Without taken extra eyeliner, use the same brush and go back to complete the line. If you want thick line, you can repeat this step.  If there is a “gap” between your eyeliner and your upper lashes then you must tight line your eyes.
  6. Pull your eyelid slightly, take eyeliner in an eyeliner brush and deposit the liner straight on to your waterline. Using back and forth technique spread the eyeliner all over your waterline. That’s it, your gaps are filled.
  7. If you want to add drama, then you can finish the look by adding wings. Take your eyeliner brush and draw a thin diagonal line at 45 degree angle and it should go in the direction of where your eyebrows end. Don’t stretch your eyes because then you’ll not know the exact length of the wing.
  8. Join the top of the wing with your eyeliner by drawing a straight line. Fill the inside gap between your wings with eyeliner.

Congratulations, you’ve winged it.Curl your lashes with the help of a curler. Just grab your lashes between the curler and squeeze for few seconds.

Complete your look by coating your lashes with tons of mascara on upper lashes. You can also finish the look by applying kajal on lower waterline.

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