Honey would be the best substitute for sugar, even though it equally rich in natural sugars. However, there are some benefits of adding honey to your tea. Along with offering a delectable flavor, honey is the treasure trove of a wide array of health benefits, including weight loss and radiant skin. There are various flavored honeys that you can choose from to include in your tea and make it a healthier and richer drink.BENEFITS AND HOW TO ADD HONEY IN TEA

Why should you add honey to tea? Here are some interesting reasons that would really tempt you to add honey to your tea!

  • Help in combating various infections.
  • Good source of B-vitamins for the vegetarians.
  • Gives you an instant dose of energy
  • Help in easing inflammations and cures your cold and fever.
  • Help in weight loss.
  • Gifts you a clean and clear skin that looks visibly younger
  • Natural solution for seasonal allergies

Never add honey to boiling water as it will destroy the nutrients, rendering honey useless. It is also advisable to use honey in restricted amounts, especially if you are diabetic. Try adding honey to your tea and share your experience!

Catch up with us as we take you through an interesting short tour on how you can add honey to your tea and which honey pairs best with which tea variant.  The Step by Step Guide To Adding Honey. Here is the step by step process of flavoring your tea with honey!

1. Selecting the honey
Choose unprocessed, raw honey to ensure that you will be able to reap in the goodness it. Opt for a mildly flavored variant that you can use with all the varieties of teas.
2. Brewing the tea
You can add honey to all the tea variants. So just brew a cup of herbal tea as usual by placing a tea bag in a mug filled with boiling water and steeping it for roughly 5 minutes.
3. Adding the honey
Discard the tea bag. You can now add honey, roughly about 1 to 2 tsp, depending on your sweetness quotient. Since honey is sweeter than sugar, you can start adding lesser quantity than sugar. Mix well using a spoon to ensure that honey is well incorporated. Taste your tea and add honey if you want a sweeter tea.

The Honey And Tea Pairing: Different types of honey gel with different varieties of teas. Here is a short look into the pairing of honey and tea.
1. Avocado honey – Earl Grey Tea
2. Clover – Lemon/Mint Tea
3. Tupelo honey – Jasmine Tea
4. Eucalyptus honey – Irish Breakfast Tea
5. Blueberry honey – English Breakfast Tea/Earl Grey Tea
6. Orange blossom honey – All tea varieties
7. Alfalfa honey – Jasmine Tea/ Apple cinnamon tea
8. Sage Honey – Lemon/Mint/Orange Spice tea