Washing Hair with Cold Water or Hot Water

So washing hair is not a big deal, right? Just go to the bathroom and wash your hair, well umm not really! At least not if you want healthy shiny hair for a long time. Trust me, a little bit of care in your bath routine can make your hair happy and healthy. Like for instance which one would you choose to wash your hair with, hot water or cold water? If you are a lazy girl like me, you would probably just take a hot shower on a cold day and cold shower on a hot day, right? Because it feels good like that, but I did some research on that a few days ago which compelled to completely changed my hair wash routine, and today I shall share the same knowledge with you guys hoping to change your view too.

Washing Hair with Cold WaterSo for starters, let me break the myth for you – Temperature of the water is vital for the benefit of your hair. We will categorically tell you about the effects of both hot and cold water on the hair.

Washing hair with Hot water: Hot water allows the cleansing of pores in the hair root, which in turn makes it easier to remove the oil and dirt from the scalp. If you are someone suffering from very oily scalp then washing your hair with hot water can be beneficial.

Now there is another side to washing your hair with hot water, and that is it can leave your hair excessively porous. If the hair is too porous, then there are chances that the hair will become dry and brittle. Now although the hot water will clean the hair roots thoroughly, it will also rip off the oil from the hair roots. The sebum produced by the sebaceous gland are very vital for the health of the hair. This sebum is responsible for the shine in the hair and strength of the hair. Opens the hair cuticles, therefore fading color treated hair.
Washing hair with cold water: We love cold showers as it is so relaxing, especially in summers. However, the point is how good is it for the hair?

The pros of washing hair with cold water are:  Cold water grants your hair shine and smoothness: By washing hair with cold water, the hair cuticles will be closed, which will reduce the accumulation of the dirt and sweat in the scalp. Thereby the damage to the hair will also be reduced. It will make the hair smooth and shiny

Improves the blood circulation to the scalp: Blood circulates faster when your scalp is cold.


It keeps your scalp clean: Cold water tightens the pores of the scalp thereby making the pores less vulnerable to oil, grease or dirt.

Coming to the cons of using cold water for hair: It makes the hair flat: Like I said before, cold water makes the hair smooth, but it also tends to flatten the hair with no bounce at all.

So what do we choose? When your hair is dirty wash your hair with WARM water remember not hot just warm is the right option to remove product build up and dirt.

And the best choice is to rinse your hair with COOL water and never cold water. This way the pores will seal in the cuticles making your hair silky, smooth and shiny.

If you have color treated hair washing your hair with cold water will help prevent hair color from fading.