Honey Lips – 5 best Honey Lip Treatments

Soothe, moisturize and protect your lips with honey. Seal your lips with honey for a natural lip treatment that will give you kissable lips.

honey treatments


Honey has the properties to moisturize and heal, making it an ideal treatment for lips

CRACKED LIPS Use honey to treat chapped lips, use honey with sweet almond oil and apply it all over your lips to keep it soft and smooth.

LIP SCRUB Use honey for a softening lip treatment, mix it with sugar to make a lip scrub for soft, smooth  lips.

DISCOLORED LIPS Lighten discolored or stained lips with honey along with lemon juice for naturally pink lips. Leave it on for 15 mins and rinse off.

OVERNIGHT LIPS Mix honey with vaseline and use it before going to bed for an overnight treatment to wake up to baby soft lips.

DRY LIPS For dry lips mix honey with milk cream and use it on your lips, leave it on for 30mins and rinse off.

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