DIY homemade beauty products using cucumber

Who would like to get locked up indoors? We enjoy our outings and picnic brimful and get stunned at our mirror reflection. Whichever be the season, the climate in India is such that hot sun will always chase you and the UV rays increases melanin production darkening the exposed skin.

Now what has to be done for tanned skin? Bleach your skin? Or use a cosmetic as a cover up? These will either hide your tanned skin or may reverse the skin complexion. There is nothing much to worry on skin and spend on it. Nature has tanned your skin; nature itself has the remedy for it. The Indian grown vegetable cucumber regarded as coolant is an excellent remedy for skin tanning. Cucumber also hordes health benefits like it is a low-calorie diet food, detoxifies and hydrates body, useful in weight loss, skin and beauty benefits, reduces digestive problems like acidity , constipation and ulcers , helpful in reducing stress and eye strain and is an excellent mouth freshener. Here are amazing benefits of cucumber which provides relief from tanned skin.

DIY natural cucumber cleanserCucumber cleanser
Grate cucumber and collect the water in a clean container. Splash this water on your face or you can slowly pat them using cotton balls or tissues. Cucumber juice instantly soothes the skin burning due to hot sun. Leave the cucumber juice on your face for 10 minutes. Your skin absorbs all the nutrients and gets refreshed. Now dip another cotton ball to the remaining cucumber extracts and slowly rub your face as a deep pore cleanser. Cucumber juice cleanses skin removing dirt and dust from the pores. Keep wetting and changing the cotton. Do not rub when the cotton is dry as it harms your skin.

DIY natural cucumber scrubCucumber scrub
cucumber grates, sugar, yogurt.

Grate half cucumber and add 3 to 4 spoons of sugar. Add 2 spoons of yogurt to the mixture and stir well. Massage the cucumber scrub to your face and neck for 15 minutes. Splash out with cold water and pat to dry.

Antioxidants and the silica content in cucumber rejuvenate and fade the dull skin instantly. It calms down the redness and soothes the sun tan irritations. Sugar being an exfoliate removes the dead skin and cleans up. Now if the skin is deeply tanned, then more of sugar is required to scrub out the damaged skin. Rub slowly and softly so that the exfoliating process does not harm your skin. Yogurt moisturizes and brightens up skin. You can use it as a body scrub too for tanned hands and other exposed parts.

DIY natural cucumber face maskCucumber Face Pack:
   Cucumber juice, aloe gel, gram flour.

Crush slices of cucumber and aloe gel in a blender to form a pulp. Collect the runny mixture in a container and add 2 spoon of gram flour to it. Stir well and form the thick non dripping paste resembling face packs. Apply this to your face and wash out after drying. This is an excellent home remedy for dark tanned skin. Aloe gel with its anti inflammatory properties reduces swelling and blemishes whereas gram flour is a supportive ingredient in preparing a face pack which tightens up skin.

DIY natural cucumber tonerCucumber Toner:
Mix cucumber juice and rose-water and apply to your skin with damp cotton. You can leave it over night and wash at the morning shower. This is an amazing skin tonic which evens out the skin color and gradually improves the pale skin.

Carry any of these cucumber remedies immediately after you are exposed to hot climate. These will provide a guaranteed result and relief from sun burn without any expense.