Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition that is harmless but can neither be ignored. These are white flakes caused by the excess drying or greasy scalp, irregular hair shower, unclean habits, unhygienic food habits, chemical hair products or by the yeast like fungus. Regular cleansing and oiling and brushing of hair with mild natural products are the permanent solution for dandruff.

OVERNIGHT DANDRUFF REMEDY Benefits of Homemade Anti dandruff hair oil:

Coconut Oil: Enriched with vitamins and proteins coconut oil is the best conditioning agent with soothing properties. Comparative to all other natural oils, coconut oil much easily penetrates into hair follicles and strands moisturizing them and also strengthens the hair roots.

Lemon: The imbalance in the pH value is one cause for dandruffs in scalp. The citric property of lemon balances the scalp thus taking care of dandruff. The antibacterial anti fungal properties help fight against dandruff from the hair follicles making the hair strong and shine.

Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds are the best coolers for dry scalp. It calms down the itchy burning scalp, contains proteins that helps in hydration of dry scalp thus reducing dandruff and all other scalp issues. Dermatologists suggest that fenugreek seeds are the fungus removing agents that grows on and within the scalp completely removing the dandruff problem.

Tea tree Oil: Essential oil is very good in treating scalp irritations and also preventing hair loss. It not only kills the dandruffs causing germs but also good at killing lice.

Note that the ingredients chosen in the preparation of anti dandruff hair oil are hailed with moisturizing and anti fungal properties to work well on battling with dandruff. All the ingredients are natural, inexpensive and easily available.



  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Organic Fenugreek seeds
  • Lemon zest or peel
  • Essential Oil like tea tree oil


OVERNIGHT DANDRUFF REMEDY WITH HOMEMADE ANTI DANDRUFF HAIR OILClean fenugreek seeds and lemon peels; let them dry till all the moisture evaporates.

In a deep pan heat 2 spoons of fenugreek seeds and 2 spoons of lemon zest for a minute to remove all the remains of hydration as the moisture remained may lead to spoiling of the oil.

Add one cup of coconut oil and heat in low flame till you watch bubbles. Turn off the flame; add in few drops of essential oil. Filter the residue with a strainer or a clean cloth and transfer to an air tight bottle.

A regular hair massage with the prepared oil, half an hour before shower or overnight is very effective in curing dandruff. Store it away from moisture to avoid spoiling. BEAUTY DIY: FENUGREEK HAIR SPRAY FOR SHINY, HEALTHY HAIR

** Patch test before use.


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