Termites at home or firm is one of the most common problems that is faced by almost everyone. Especially, where there are so many wooden fixtures and furniture like wooden doors, shelves, racks, windows, dining tables and wooden floorings. Houses with high moisture content in them have a higher risk of termites. There are several ways through which you can prevent termites from entering and residing in your house permanently. Here are some useful home remedies to get rid of termites.


Temperatures more than 120 degrees or below -20 degrees Fahrenheit can help kill the termites. Place the wooden object/piece or any other infested item under the sun. It will lead to evaporation of the moisture content. Either they will die or abandon the wood. Alternatively, use liquid nitrogen for colder temperature to control termites.


Soak few cotton balls with sodium chloride, an organic compound and a cleaning agent. Fill the soaked cotton balls in a plastic cover and place at the beneath of your sofa or table, or in any termite infested area. This method not only kills the insects but also stops the recurring of the insects.


The termites not only feed on wood, but also on paper and cardboards, which contains cellulose. The cardboards can be used as a trap to control termites. Wet the cardboard and place it near the affected areas to attract termites. When the cardboard is full of termites, then hold it with handles or with gloved hands and flame it out. If required, then repeat the process several times.


Boric acid is one of the most common and effective ways to dispatch of termites. In fact, it is the main insecticide used in many store-bought termite insecticides. Boric acid shuts down the termite’s nervous system while dehydrating it. Mix boric acid powder with water and then spray with a hand sprayer or apply with a paint brush to all accessible wood surfaces of the home. This will help in getting rid of termites.


A number of essential oils eradicate termites effectively. For instance, clove bud oil and vetiver oil just to name a few. Both of them eventually kill the termites and assure no re-infestation in future. However, vetiver is generally recommended for termite treatment. Simply pour oil (any) in a mist sprayer and use it on the infested wood and other affected places.


Another popular solution for reducing termites and termite damage is the use of nematodes. Nematodes are small worms that are natural parasites to garden pests, those pests including termites. They are able to search for hosts and burrow into them. Nematodes will target termite larvae, reducing termite populations over time and helping you to keep termites from doing further damage to your home.


Rub petroleum jelly on the dried wooden furniture. Leave it for a day or two and afterwards use a soft cloth to polish your fixtures.


  • Wipe away all the dead plant products around your house as it increases the chances of termites.
  • Maintain right moisture level inside your house.
  • Try to protect your house before getting infested by termites. So, check for termites in and around the home constantly.
  • Termite damage can ruin a home, so if you aren’t sure of your ability to kill the bugs on your home, call a professional as soon as you’re able.


  • Do not store wooden logs where there’s too much moisture as the termites can easily attack them.
  • Avoid using unauthorized products to control termites as they can cause damage to your wooden objects.