Eye lashes enhance the beauty of your eyes. They magnify the eyes and impart lustre to them. However, as you age, you start overlooking the eye lashes. There is very less attention paid to them when compared to their skin. The eyelashes come into focus only when they start thinning and falling. So ladies, if you want captivating and thicker eyelashes, this is the place for you.



  1. Don’t over work on them

Eyelashes are thin and delicate. They should be treated carefully. Don’t bother them too much. Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyelashes as they stop growing. Remove your make up gently.

  1. Apply green tea

Boil water with green tea leaves in them and apply the solution after it cools down. Green tea encourages the growth of hair. The newly grown eyelashes will be distinctly thicker and longer.

  1. Eat healthy

Your eyelashes need a continuous supply of proteins and vitamins too. Include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet and follow it meticulously. Eat protein rich foods such as fish, egg, meat, apple, guava etc. Go for grains as they nurture your lashes.

  1. Remove your makeup before you sleep

Makeup products harden the skin surrounding the eyes. They clog the pores and make them rugged. So removing makeup is necessary to keep your eye lashes free from damages.

  1. Treat your lashes to a massage

Massaging stimulates the hair growth. Daily massaging your eye lids will give you visible results. Gentle massages with a little olive oil applied will do the job.

  1. Oil your lashes generously:Oil your lashes generously: Use  a clean mascara brush for oiling your lashes. Dip the wand in the oil and start applying the oil from the root of lashes. Make it a daily exercise. Almond, olive, castor oil or coconut oil, any of these oils can be used for lashes. These oils are rich in vitamins that strengthen the lashes, making them denser and darker.
  1. Petroleum Jelly and Castor oil

Petroleum jelly such as vaseline are good for the growth of eye lashes. Apply the petroleum jelly with the help of mascara brush on your lashes. Aloe vera is a great home remedy for getting strong eyelashes. Apply it on your lashes. Do it gently using a brush before you go to bed every day.

  1. Follow a proper daily routine

Avoid skipping breakfast and meals. Take your meals at appropriate in appropriate intervals. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day.

Try these easy and effortless tips and tricks and you will get lustrous and dense eye lashes.

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