Fleas can be a big problem to your pet’s health and your health as well. Fleas love to survive on warm vertebrates and thus your dogs, rabbits, cats and in fact, even you can be their hosts. Fleas can be really tough to get rid of because they lay eggs everywhere in the house and they remain dormant for years! Which means they will come back all of a sudden even after doing a pest control in your house! Here are some easy home remedies to save your pet and your family from fleas:


You need table salt and a large spice bottle, that is it! Fill up your spice bottle with the table salt making sure you are leaving a little room on the top so that you can shake and sprinkle the salt from it. Sprinkle the salt over your carpets in each room and leave it for 2-3 days. Vacuum thoroughly.



You can mix 1 teaspoon of cooking oil with 2 table spoons of inexpensive dog/cat shampoo. Use this shampoo to bath your pet. This oil+ shampoo will kill all the fleas along with washing off their eggs.


You need a shaker, some pebbles and little boric powder. Place some pebbles into the bottom of the container to prevent caking of boric acid when it is stored away. Fill 2/3 of the shaker bottle/ container with boric acid. You are done! You can sprinkle this into suspected areas like carpets, corners of the house, your pet’s bedding etc. leave it that way for 24 hours and vacuum the areas thoroughly.

Caution: Keep it away from food items and also out of reach of kids.


This anti-flea body spray can be spayed on your pet’s body multiple times a day. Your pup will also get a nice gleaming finish to their coat after using this. You need 1 cup white distilled vinegar or 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 quart fresh water and 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Mix up all the ingredients and fill it in your spray bottle. Mist your dog, being careful not to get it in their eyes, nose, or ears-aka avoid spraying near the face. To get up around the neck and behind the ears/their chin area, dampen a soft cloth with the mixture and wipe it on.


Rosemary herb can be used to effectively kill the fleas on your pet’s body and all around the house as well. Grind the rosemary herb into fine powder and sprinkle it all over the suspected areas. Keep it for 2 days and vacuum. You may also make a rosemary mist to be used on pet and around the house by adding few drops rosemary essential oil to distilled water.