Soothe & Heal – Home Remedies for Treating Burns

Minor burns are very common at home. Minor burns are those that damage only the top layers of the skin, making the area red and painful. They are often referred to as first-degree burns or superficial burns. Minor burns can develop painful blisters if not treated timely. Many natural remedies can promote healing and minimize pain. If you are at risk of having burns, do not worry, since there are several home remedies for burns.

Soothe & Heal - Home Remedies for Treating BurnsTOOTHPASTE

Keep a tube of white, minty toothpaste in the kitchen as a home remedy to relieve a minor burn. First, run the scalded area under cold water, then gently pat it dry with a paper towel and cover with a layer of the toothpaste.


Honey is a natural antibiotic, which helps to prevent your burn from becoming infected. It also reduces the chances of developing hypertrophic scars. Spread honey on a gauze bandage and put it directly on the burn. Change the bandage three to four times a day.


The tannic acid in black tea can help draw heat out of a burn and thus reduce pain. Steep three tea bags in a pitcher filled with warm water for a few minutes. Allow the solution to cool and then soak a clean cloth in it and place it on the affected area. Re-apply as needed.


Just as sliced cucumbers reduce swelling for tired, puffy eyes, they will cool and reduce swelling for minor burns. Cucumbers contain antioxidants (Vitamins C and K), which help reduce inflammation. Cucumbers also contain pantothenic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture.


Directly apply aloe vera gel on the burn. Its soothing and rejuvenating properties will help cool the burned skin. Since the active ingredient (acemannen) breaks down quickly, fresh inner leaf fillets are much preferred. Fresh aloe vera quickly soothes painful burns and often heals even serious burns with little or no scarring.


The fat and protein content in milk soothes burns and promotes healing. Soak the burn in milk for 15 minutes for quick relief. Full-fat, whole-milk yogurt can also help cool and hydrate your parched skin.


Coconut oil is an excellent source of skin-healing vitamin E and it also contains fatty acids that are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which help keep your burn from becoming infected. If a scald has left a nasty mark on your skin, one home remedy suggests adding lemon juice to the coconut oil before massaging it into the mark.


  • If your burn covers your feet, face, groin, buttocks, or a major joint, seek emergency assistance.
  • Cooking oils smoke before they catch fire. If you see smoke coming off of the oil you are cooking with, turn down the heat or remove the pan from the burner.
  • Keep oven mits handy to handle the pan and its lid.