Herbal Toner – Chamomile Tea

Herbal Toner - Chamomile Tea

Herbal Toner - Chamomile TeaHerbal teas work wonders on your skin. They can be used as a toner or face mist for your skin as well as a cleanser to deep clean the pores for a healthy glow.
Chamomile tea is great in treating breakouts due to the various active ingredients that are found in it. The anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties help to calm and soothe dry or irritated skin. It is also an excellent all natural bleach to lighten the complexion.

Steep 3-4 chamomile tea bags to brew a very strong tea before cooling the tea and using a cotton pad to apply to acne twice a day, let it sit for few mins before your rinse with cold water.

You can add lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or honey to the toner. Also, used chamomile tea bags can be used on pimple to reduce swelling and redness.