8 Herbal remedies to clear acne

Acne can be such a nightmare for women of all ages, but with some of the best treatments out there, it isn’t impossible to have clear skin.  The best acne treatments are herbal remedies that help to cleanse, nourish, and protect your skin.  They fight acne naturally and  clear your skin to leave it radiant, glowing and youthful in no time. Here’s a look at several herbs commonly recommended as acne remedies:

8 Herbal remedies to clear acneBasil: Make a paste of basil leaves with honey for an effective home remedy for a clear skin, leave it on for few mins and rinse off. Also, chew basil leaves or use it in your diet for overall health benefits.

Aloe Vera: The soothing and calming properties of aloe vera will help treat acne naturally. Gently apply a small amount of fresh aloe vera gel and rinse off after 15-20mins.

Neem: Crush neem leaves in water and use the paste as a spot treatment or simply boil fresh clean neem leaves in water and use the water as a face toner. Also, try adding a few fresh neem leaves to your diet either in a tea, or just eating them in a salad.

CorianderTake some fresh coriander leaves and crush it to extract the juice. Apply that on your pimples as a spot treatment and rinse off after few mins.. It is also an effective cure for blackheads and whiteheads naturally.

Mint: Put all the mint leaves in the blender and just blend it. Dab the Q-Tip on the mint mix and apply it wherever you have acne.

Green tea: Use green tea to keep your pores clean and clear. Here are best DIYs using green tea that can give you healthy, clear skin.

Lavender oilUsing lavender oil for acne can be effective both for preventing and treating breakouts. The best lavender oil treatment for body acne is in the bath. Just add just a few drops to a tub of water and soak for at least 15 minutes.

Tea tree oil: The amazing properties of tea tree oil helps clear acne without leaving a scar behind. The essential oil that has strong antiseptic properties, which kills the bacteria on your face that leads to acne in the form of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. Try these best tips to use tea tree oil to clear acne, blackheads and blemishes.

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