Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is the oil extracted from seeds of the Cannabis plant. Possibly better known more for its narcotic properties than its therapeutic uses and benefits, the oil itself is rich in essential fatty acids. Many people use hemp oil in the kitchen because of its nutty, earthy flavour, but hemp oil is also a fantastic beauty product. Here are the top hemp oil beauty benefits:


Hemp oil is excellent as a beauty treatment due to its high vitamin E content. Use just a tiny bit under your eyes and eyelids instead of harsh wrinkle cream. Hemp oil’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with vitamin E will help promote healthy, youthful skin and reduce wrinkles.


The fats, or lipids, in hemp oil are similar to those found in the skin. This makes it an effective moisturizer and protectant for skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin and brings new life to dry, tired or dehydrated skin.


Using hempseed oil in diet has a beneficial effect on acne. Its omega – 3 fatty acid content aids the body in reducing inflammation of the skin. This reduces the redness of pimples and may also prevent future breakouts. Hemp oil can be used as topically as well. Take few drops on your palm and apply it all over your face before bedtime.


Omega – 3 in hemp seed oil improves the texture of hair, making them look shinier and stronger.  These fats are good for the health of hair follicle. A better option than buying pricey vitamin E capsules at the store is to simply rub hemp oil all through your hair a few minutes before you shower and wash your hair. Around a tablespoon of the oil is all it takes-  you need to coat your hair but not saturate it. Using hemp oil on your hair will help make it silky, strong and will even help it grow! 


Hemp oil also has an amazing scent that’s so much better for you than toxic, chemical-based perfumes. The smell is somewhat earthy and nutty; it’s extremely refreshing after a bath or shower. Just apply little on pulse points. Hemp’s scent also has a naturally calming effect, much like eucalyptus and rosemary.


Hemp oil can effectively remove your makeup without leaving behind any residue. You can take a little amount of oil enough to saturate your face and massage for few minutes. Wipe off with a face pad or wash cloth. You may also try using a natural face wash cloth with the oil to properly get the makeup off.