Your morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day. Healthy morning routines c make the start of your day awesome! And if the start of the day is good, then the rest of the day is bound to be good as well, right? The combination of morning routines are endless, so whether your mornings currently consist of unpredictable scattered events or if you already have a consistent flow of tasks, it never hurts to adapt your routine to maximize your morning and create an effective launchpad into your day.

HEALTHY MORNING HABITS TO START A PERFECT DAYHere are some healthy suggestions to introduce to your morning routine that your body will thank you for:


This is priority one because in order to fit in a fantastic morning you’re going to need some extra time compared to your current routine. If you’ve turned into a night owl because of the peace and quiet it affords, you’ll be equally satisfied by the same peace and quiet an early morning provides, and it’s simply a matter of shifting your personal time to the wee hours of the morning rather than late at night.


Start your day by drinking a 16 ounce glass of lemon water. I am not talking about putting in a whole lemon and juicing it. Instead it’s better to do just a few drops.  This habit helps you- Wake up faster, freshen your breath, get a large amount of vitamins, reduce the feeling of hunger and aid your digestive system. This is a lot easier to do than it seems, and it’s a great way to start your day. All you need to do is pour some water into a glass and add a couple drops of lemon juice. Easy, right?


A simple 5-minute stretch in the morning will wake your muscles up and get them ready for the day ahead. Be sure to listening to what your body wants. Modify your stretches accordingly to be more in-tune with what your body needs.


Dry brushing the body is an Ayurvedic practice that helps improve your circulation and slough off dead skin cells. Brushing towards your heart is essential, and you’ll want to start at your extremities and work your way in, covering all of your parts before hopping in the shower. Dry brushing will help leave your skin feeling smoother, and you’ll notice the difference after you’ve dried off. Apply a moisturizer afterward to retain that suppleness.


Eat something! Eating breakfast is one of the healthiest morning routines you can have! It will help you jump start your metabolism, and give the appropriate energy you need to get on with the day. If your choice of foods is healthy, then great. Fruits, and foods with proteins will work nicely.


The green part of your smoothie is what’s going to boost your morning energy levels. That’s because it will likely be spinach, kale, or some other leafy greens that provide phytonutrients, fibre, and minerals that your body turns into sustainable energy. Check back in with your body 30 minutes after drinking it and notice how much better you feel.

Tip: You may also add up fruits to your smoothie of you like.


Keep calm and let your inner peace guide you: spend a few minutes to say a prayer or to meditate to keep you relaxed. Remember, 90% of illnesses are stress-related, so forget the rush, don’t dash and enjoy a few “hush” moments with yourself. Focus on your breathing. You may even recite an empowering mantra during your routine.


Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is the perfect morning exercise. It’s zero impact, and perfect for any physical fitness level. You don’t even have to get any air on it for it to be effective. Just lightly bouncing on it is effective for stimulating lymph movement and drainage as well as helping your thyroid. You can repeat this process a few times per day, whenever you feel like you need a pick-me-up.


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