HEALTH BENEFITS OF SABJA SEEDS  – THE NEW BLACK IN MARKETSabja seeds are also known as tukumaria or sweet basil seeds which is popularly used in India in falooda and juice. This is commonly in summer which is extremely beneficial in beating summer heat and also helps to keep the body cool.

After being soaked in water, they increase in size which helps in cleaning the wall of the stomach which helps to remove the toxins from the stomach. Many of the people use Sabja seeds in various other dishes which help to enhance a slight taste to the dish but is very cool for stomach. Here we mention you some of the health benefits of Sabja seeds.

  1. Helps to lose weight

However there is no scientific study which helps to cut down the weight, but eating sabja in some drink can help to fill the stomach. You don’t even feel hunger for some period of time, which to cut down the diets. Sabja is one much ingredient which can be mixed with some other food stuff that would control the hunger even.

  1. Helps in constipation

Sabja have a wonderful benefit in treating constipation. If you are suffering from constipation then add some Sabja to milk or any smoothie at night. Continue talking this can help to treat constipation if taken for few days considerably.

3. Sabja seeds helps to beat summer heat

You might have seen people to including sabja seeds at various smoothies, falooda and various other liquids in summer. This is done to keep the body cool and beat the summer heat effectively.

  1. Helps in digestion

Intake of Sabja seeds help to aid digestion. When taken in any smoothie or liquid, it helps to treat the bowel moments, keep the walls of the stomach cool and also flush out the toxins in the body. Including Sabja seeds in any liquid is an excellent way to help to great digestion problem

  1. Treats acidity problem

You can treat acidity problem with sabja seeds. Sabja seeds have cooling effect which helps to clam down the burning or itching sensation in the stomach. If you take meals following irregular patterns, it is surely going to lead to various gastric and acidity problems. Drinking sabja seeds before going to bed can help down to beat acidity.

  1. Helps in aiding urinate system infection

Sabja seeds can help to treat urinate system infection. Sabja seeds can be taken mixing with some honey every morning and night. It helps in aiding the system infection.

  1. Ease in conceiving for women

Including Sabja seeds in diet during pregnancy helps to beat the heat in the body and also ease the process of conceiving.

Sabja seeds are extremely beneficial over health. They can be included in any liquid recepies.

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