HEALTH BENEFITS OF LENTILSI love lentils! They are easy to make and taste great! My mom makes it by simply cooking it with spices and lots of onions, tastes great. Apart from being tasty, they are also amazingly beneficial for your health. Here are the top health benefits of lentils:

* Lentils help to reduce blood cholesterol since it contains high levels of soluble fiber. Lowering your cholesterol levels reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke by keeping your arteries clean.

* Lentils are also another source of phytochemicals and phenols. Both of these organic chemicals are known to provide health benefits, but the mechanism behind their work is yet to be determined.

* Our organs and muscles need a constant supply of protein for repair and growth of the body.  Lentils, especially sprouted lentils, contain all the essential amino acids that are needed by our body for good muscle-building and smooth functioning of the body.

* As lentils contain high levels of dietary fibre, it improves digestion if consumed regularly. It also helps in easy bowel movement, resulting in decreased constipation.

* Lentils, with their negligible amounts of fat, are an ideal source of protein without adding any extra fat to the body, thereby promoting a healthy heart. Lentils contain magnesium, which helps in relaxing cardiovascular muscles and helping to lower blood pressure.

* Research studies suggest that the regular consumption of lentils can help in weight control and increase satiety.

* Lentils contain high amounts of iron, which is needed by the body for optimum haemoglobin production. About 36% of the iron of the Daily Recommended value can comes from eating 1 cup (200 grams) of lentils every day.

* Potassium, one of the minerals found in lentils, is regarded as a better substitute for electrolytic activity than sodium. Many diseases have been associated with high sodium content and low potassium content in the body. Apart from acting as an electrolyte, potassium is also helpful for the functioning of a number of organs like the heart, brain, and kidney.

* Lentils are a good source of many vitamins, including vitamin B3, which plays a significant role in boosting the digestive and nervous systems.

* Adding to the many benefits of fibre, soluble fibre traps carbohydrates, slowing down digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels. This can be especially helpful for those with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycaemia.

* Lentils increase steady, slow-burning energy due its fibre and complex carbohydrates. Lentils are also a good source of iron, which transports oxygen throughout your body and is key to energy production and metabolism.

Incorporate lentils in your daily diet- in salads, in rice, in breads etc. to get all their benefits for a healthy living.

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