HEALTH BENEFITS OF CAYENNE PEPPERIt’s the prince of spices that brings a unique flavour to dishes. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-irritant and anti-allergen properties. It has multiple vitamins, beta-carotene, manganese and potassium for good health.
We are talking of Cayenne pepper – the food ingredient with a range of health benefits that makes it a welcome inclusion in your dietary meals.

Heart Friendly:

Cayenne pepper opens out the arteries in heart. This makes it a wonder spice when it comes to opening blocked arteries and preventing heart attacks.

Digestion Friendly:

Cayenne stimulates gastric juices in the form of saliva & enzyme production. This helps in better food digestion and promotes faster metabolism. It also helps in relieving intestinal gas.


Stomach problems, ulcers, irritating coughs and sore throats upset our general health. Cayenne eases out these problems in a jiffy when taken in food.

Joint-Pain Reliever:

Cayenne has high levels of capsaicin that bring relief in patients down with joint pains.

Weight Loss:

In a research conducted abroad, participants who took Cayenne pepper for breakfast had less hunger pangs throughout the day which in turn boosted weight loss. Known for its faster metabolism, Cayenne helps the body in burning out excess fat.  

Blood Clots:

Cayenne pepper reduces the accumulation of fatty material in the walls of arteries. This prevents occurrence of blood clots, minimising the chances of heart stroke.

Prevents Cancer:

Since it kills the cancerous cells in lungs and pancreas owing to the presence of capsaicin, Cayenne pepper is a natural cancer fighter.

Skin Beneficial:

Those of you who complain of acne can now smile. Cayenne pepper is rich in anti-oxidants that increase the health of skin and epidermis. This helps combat acne.

Hair Wonder:

Cayenne pepper promotes hair growth and gives the desired shine to dull and lifeless hair. It also improves blood circulation to hair scalp. To get maximum benefit, mix 25 grams of ground Cayenne pepper in half litre olive oil. Store this mixture in a dark bottle and keep it away from sunlight. After 12-15 days, it is ready to use. Oil your scalp with it, wrap your hair in a hot towel for an hour and then apply shampoo and conditioner. Repeat this often to bring back volume and shine in your hair.

Tips for using Cayenne:

Add a pinch of Cayenne in your food preparation to give it an element of spice. Place a small container of it on your dining table and sprinkle it on your cooked meals as per your taste and requirements. When you add it to lemon juice, you can get a lip-smacking taste to any bland dish. You can also apply Cayenne pepper sauce to your bread slices and add it in soups.

Now start including Cayenne pepper in your daily diet and see your metabolism, brain, heart and joints swing back to good health.