As colds and flues start appearing, homemade broth and stock plays its historical role of nourishing and protecting those sick. Not only does it serve as a warm soup but also serves as a nutrition booster and taste enhancer in various dishes. Broth and stock made from veggies or non-veg both are nutritious and benefit the body. Here are some health benefits of broth and stock:


Broth and stock generally deals with simmering your veggies and/or meat in water. This way, the water extracts all the flavors and nutrients in it. As we all know, water gets absorbed easily and quickly in the body as compared to solid food (that is the reason tea is much effective!), stock and broth is a great way to quickly add nutrients in your system!


What exactly do we mean by a balanced diet? A balanced diet is a diet wherein you get the required daily amounts of nutrients; broth and stock can do just that especially when you are sick and cannot really eat solid food. Simply make a stock or broth of veggies and/or meat and you will have all the essential nutrients like minerals, calcium, fatty acids, etc. in just 1 bowl.

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Stock or broth can be stored for longer; veggies cannot! If you want to store your veggies, the best way is to store its nutrients in the form of stock/broth. Simply simmer your veggies and/or meat in water and filter it. Add the stock or broth in ice trays and freeze it. Thaw it and use in dishes or soups.


Warm stock of veggies or meat or bone broth is the best way to heal a variety of ailments. Bone or chicken broth can help treat brittle bones, fever, allergies, stomach problems, bloating etc. Veggie stock similarly can be used to treat any deficiencies in the body and also prevent or treat anaemia by adding beet roots in it. This way, specific veggies or meat stock/broth can be consumed to heal ailments.


Consuming lots of water is the key to hydration. If you cannot drink 4 litres of water daily, it is recommended that you have more liquids throughout the day. Broth and stock makes a great nutrient drink and keeps you hydrated too! Have broth or stock as a protein booster too instead of having chicken or other protein food, this will help you put some water in your system if you don’t drink water often.


Using chicken broth or vegetable stock in food is a common practise as it makes your food flavourful and tasty. Broth and stock contain all the juices from meat and vegetables that imparts a flavour to your food and makes it taste even better. Chicken broth benefits >>