Massage Your Way to Health and Beauty with Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic oil massage (Abhyanga) is known to work towards relieving the mind from all kind of stress and toxins. Regular self-massage with oil helps in rejuvenating the entire body from within and relaxing the mind completely. Ayurvedic oil massage therapy is used for healing and detoxifying Body, Mind and Spirit.
Our skin has the biggest beneficial hormones therefore positive therapeutic massage with oils helps greatly. It will help to balance out the endocrine as well as the nervous system. It will enliven the vital energy points. It can touch billions of nerve endings that connect to several parts of the body which includes the brain as well as the vital organs.

Massage Your Way to Health and Beauty with Ayurvedic Oil MassageAyurvedic daily oil massage is called as Abhyanga. It prevents the accumulation of physiological imbalances as well as to lubricate and promote flexibility of the tissues, muscles, and joints. It is good for skin as it makes it soft, lustrous and slows the aging process.


If you have been recommended specific oil then you can go for it otherwise sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil can be used. Purify the oil by heating it up to, make sure the oil is heated on a low flame. While doing the same always make it a point not to leave the place.

Head/ Scalp :

Heat about 1/4th cup of cured oil to slightly above body temperature and then put a small amount on the scalp and massage it into the scalp. Using your fingertips, vigorously massage your head and scalp with small circular strokes. Benefits of applying oil to the scalp >>

Face, neck, ears: –

Move to your face and ears, massaging more gently. Apply the oil gently by taking it in your palms, rubbing it to warm it up and then apply it on the face. Extend the application gently towards the ears as well as the neck.

Arms, chest abdomen, back, and spine: –

While applying oil to arms, fingers use back and forth movement and circular at the joints. Over chest, back, spine and abdomen very gentle circular motion has to be used.

Legs, feet: –

Back and forth movement on leg and make sure to massage the back of the feet, including the soles vigorously. Benefits of oiling your feet >>

This massage has to be done 10-20 minutes regularly to get best results. At the end of the day a mini massage before your shower and bed or simply massaging just the soles of your feet with warm oil will certainly help those with insomnia and promote restful sleep.