Hair Removal – Waxing Vs Sugaring

Hair removal is a top concern these days. Facial hair and body hair is something all girls want to get rid of! Light facial and body hair is acceptable but there are some girls who have prominent facial hair and need waxing /threading/bleaching in regular terms to maintain hair-free look. Waxing or sugaring is an easiest way to get rid of hair and remain hair-free for longer. All the salons offer waxing while most salons now have sugaring as well. Sugaring is nothing but waxing done by using cooked sugar+ lemon paste unlike waxing that uses synthetic wax. Here is a comparison between both the methods:

Hair Removal - Waxing Vs Sugaring


In sugaring, natural wax is used which is made by combining water, sugar and lemon. It is cooked until well combined then cooled a bit before using. Waxing is done by using synthetic wax that you get in stores and can also contain synthetic colours, fragrances and other ingredients that can be irritating to the skin. Sugaring – Sugar Wax Hair Removal at home


In usual waxing, a thin layer of warm wax is applied on the skin in the direction of hair growth; strip is applied on it and ripped in the opposite direction of hair growth. In sugaring, wax is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and it is kept that way for few minutes to settle and dry a bit after which it is pulled in the direction of hair growth without using any strip. A strip can be used in most cases.


Sugaring is always regarded hygienic as compared to waxing. Sugaring wax contains high amount of sugar which does not allow bacteria build up and hence less chances of skin irritation or infections. In case of waxing, the wax heaters and wax itself is a breeding ground for bacteria.


Ingrown hair is a common problem especially for those who do waxing often. When the small hair is not properly pulled off from the follicle, it grows and curls in the same area causing ingrown hair. This is the case when you do waxing. In sugaring, the hair is removed gently and properly from the follicles so ingrown hair is not a common problem.


Sugaring and waxing have very different after-effects. Waxing is harsh while sugaring is comparatively gentler. As a result, you won’t have bumps, redness, inflammation, poky skin, white dots or itching when you do sugaring unlike waxing! Sugaring makes your skin soft and smooth.


Sugaring is a method that removes very fine and smallest of the hair which is not the case with waxing. Sugaring can remove hair even after 2 weeks if growth (1/8th of hair length) while waxing needs 1/4th of the hair growth.


Sugaring is always a good option over waxing since it is gentle, comparatively less painful, and is a non-irritant. Sugaring is something you can easily do at home too with natural ingredients and you don’t even need waxing strips.