HAIR CARE FOR GYM GOERS Are you a gym rat? So here is a post for you. You might be wearing those track pants, spot shoes but what about your hair? Aren’t they important to you? They should be treated properly especially for people who are gym goers. While you have been exercising in the gym, the hair tends to fall on your forehead or neck line which usually gets sticky here after. The reason here explains that the hair stickiness is due to the sweat accumulated around your forehead and neck line areas. So to get an answer to your concern, here are some tips about how to care hair for gym goers.

1. Use of Shampoo
Especially for gym goers, you would feel the need to use shampoo each and every day, because of your dry and dull looking hair. Moreover, after you return home from gym you can feel the stickiness between them. The trick here says, do not shampoo everyday this will remove the natural oil which is present in the scalp. You can rinse your hair with some warm water and use the conditioner latter.

2. Use of Dry shampoo
This is the most demanded product and the market is flooded with many types of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is an alternate idea of using shampoo; they are not as harmful as shampoo can be on your scalp and hair. Use some dry shampoo before you leave to gym so that the dry shampoo controls the excess oil from the scalp and also absorb them.

3. No to styling
You are going to gym for some physical training exercise so do you really feel the need to style your hair? You should strictly avoiding styling your hair or using those hot metal machines before or after coming from gym. Usually styling of hair leads to dead and dull hair which are more prone to breakage. Keep it simple by just flaking some baby powder.

4. Use of comb
You should always use comb which has wide tooth so that it do not breaks your eye and deal the tangle hair easily. Avoid using those narrow and hard combs which are surely not needed for your scalp, they may be harmful and harsh for you.

5. Stop using rubber bands
I understand the easiest way to tie your hair while going gym is tucking back your hair with a rubber band. But rubber bands can be harmful to your hair which may lead to further hair loss. Instead of preferring these tight rubber bands, you can use hair bands of better quality which will keep your hair in place and also will not harm them.

6. Hairstyles
Instead of always going for those high ponies you can try out some different hairstyles too. They can be anything between fishtails, braids and plates. Weaving fishtails or a braid while working out is considered the best, because the hair is properly tied which is not too loose not tight. You will feel more comfortable out of it and also can concentrate on your workouts.

Hope the post was little helpful to all the gym going rats here. Have a happy workout ?

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