GENIUS USES OF HAIR SPRAYHair-spray is a savior for many women because it helps in keeping the hairstyle in place for long hours. But there are many other genius uses of hair-spray which you will be amazed to hear. Yes, today I will be sharing some amazing unusual uses of hair-spray. These tips are very handy and effective.

Remove Ink Stains: You can easily remove the ink stain from fabric using hair spray. Simply spray directly on the stain and wait for around one minute. Now take a damp cloth and wipe the ink using it, this will remove the ink. If the stain is still not removed you can repeat the process once more or you can wash the stain using detergent for better results.

Self Defense: This world is an unpredictable place and you should ALWAYS carry pepper spray in your bag whether you’re out during the day or night. Pepper sprays are not easily available so instead of that you can carry “hair-spray” as a protection spray too. Hair sprays are made of chemicals which when sprayed on the attacker will give you enough time to run.

Prevent run in tights: Tights or leggings are often ruined by a snag after one use only and you obviously don’t want that to happen? To prevent runs in your tight, simply spray a coat of hairspray on your tights so that the fibers stick together. This is the cheapest and easiest way to save your tights. Oh, this trick also works for stockings.

Pet Hair removal: If you’ve pets in your house then removing their hair from sofa, bed and furniture will be a struggle for you. But now you can remove the hair easily using hair-spray. Simply wear rubber gloves and spray some hair-spray on it. Now run your hand over the surface where the hairs are attracted. The glove will catch all the hairs due to the sticky property. If you don’t have glove, you can even use wet sponge.

Shoe-shiner: After polishing shoes for 5-10 minutes, the shine just fades away within few minutes and I know how annoying it feels. What if I tell you that you can preserve the shoe’s shine? Yes, after polishing them, just simply spray hair-spray on them and you’re ready to go without worrying about anything.

Threading helper: threading is a simple task but it can really annoying if the thread keeps bending again and again. To quickly thread a needle, spray the end of thread with hair-spray to prevent it from fraying. The spray will also make the thread stiff.

Zipper savior: When the zipper of jeans doesn’t stay at one place it feels really annoying but now you can solve the problem, easily without spending money. Take out the hair-spray from your cubbord and spray it on zipper lightly. Go out and don’t worry about the it because the spray will provide the zipper grip and it won’t come down.

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