Fruity Glow – Fruit Face Masks

Radiant Skin using fruits as natural Cleansers and scrubs

Fruits have been used in many skin care products for its amazing benefits. They help to naturally tighten, firm and also make your skin look younger. Rejuvenate your skin with this quick DIY fruit masks you can try at home for a fruity glow.

Radiant Skin using fruits as natural Cleansers and scrubs


* Mix yogurt along with orange and pineapple juice for a mask.
* Apply the mask on the face and massage into the skin.
* Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse face with warm water or wipe with a warm wet cloth.
* Apply a light moisturizer.

Pineapple enzymes brighten dull skin and help eliminate toxins, while Greek yogurt contains lactic acid even out and smooth skin tone.

* Mash strawberries with honey and use it on your face.
* Leave the mask on for 15 mins and rinse off for a glowing complexion.

Strawberries are slightly acidic and contains vitamin C to nourish the skin. Honey deep cleans the skin and moisturized leaving the skin sparkling and luminous.

Mix orange juice with milk to make a brightening face mask.
Dip a cotton ball and use it all over your face.
Leave it on for 15mins and rinse off with a warm warm.

Orange are loaded with vitamin C thus use them in your beauty routine for a younger looking skin.  The mask sloughs off dead skin and helps shrink pores to tighten the skin naturally.